Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour

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Swedish House Mafia was in KL just not long ago. The craze for it was tremendous where everyone was just trying to buy tickets to it. whether it was the VIP Zone, Party Zone of Chillout Zone. All everyone wanted was to see their last tour!

Courtesy of Celcom Xpax, I was given Party Zone Tickets to the concert. With a few fellow friends, we stormed into Sunway Surf Beach and to our surprise, it was Freaking packed! So crowded like sardines in a can and pretty much little breathing space

One thing that was lacking in this concert was its security. There were plenty of people jumping zones such as People from the Chillout zone getting into the Party Zone as there was no security guards controlling the gates. And other than that, I could see people jumping into the VIP zones too. Something that needs to be improved in my opinion as it gave those who bought more expensive tickets less privileges as anyone could enter the more expensive zones

Other than that, Awesome tracks such as "Don't you worry child", "Miami to Ibiza", "Save the world tonight" and more were played by the awesome trio making the night interesting! of course, it is history as this is their last tour!

Well i couldn't get close to the stage as it was just sooo packed. so well, just a few photos from a far for this post =)

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a short video:

Once again, Thank you Celcom Xpax for inviting me to this phenomenal concert! made history to be in their last tour!