Golden Disk Awards! Kpop Fever is here!

 photo 20130115_193810_zpsaebd7010.jpg

Kpop being one of the most influential factors in Malaysia has reached one of its peaks! For the first time ever in history, The Golden Disk Awards was held in Malaysia! and better yet? its the first time in South East Asia!

The Golden Disk Awards is the most prestigious Awards in Korea where Kpop Artist will try to get titles such as song of the year, album of the year and much more!

courtesy of Samsung Malaysia and Donovan from Manoah Consultancy, I was able to attend this awards in style! believe me it ain't cheap to actually go for it as there are plenty of artist that came down. So well, I was able to arrive in style once again! Woots~

Yukiko, Nathaniel, Chutipond, Elvina and myself headed over to Sepang for this 2 night event and there were plenty of screaming kpop fans over there waiting for their favourite artistes.

One thing funny though, we didn't understand a word of Korean when they were talking and the only point we headed there was to hear them sing LOL

Lets head to some of the pictures:

All photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S3

 photo 20130115_192710_zps5c183a29.jpg
At the car park with Chutipond

 photo 20130115_192435_zpsea802cf4.jpg
Our tickets!

 photo 20130115_195045_zps25ce406d.jpg
The Stage all light up!

 photo 20130115_202317_zpsc3ad67b7.jpg
Elvina & I

 photo 20130115_202246_zps2e977893.jpg
Yukiko, Nathaniel & I

 photo 20130115_213413_zpsae7e3955.jpg

 photo 20130115_200141_zpsfbebbbe5.jpg
Chutipond and I. We were given glow sticks!

 photo 20130116_212355_zps349f7039.jpg
The Emcees of the night. Lee Hong Ki & Dasom

 photo 20130115_205036_zps7d5c5b06.jpg
FT Island winning the Golden Disk Award Album Division

 photo 20130115_211934_zps4bdef463.jpg
4 minute winning the Golden Disk Award Album Division

 photo 1-3_zps5d3a8666.jpg
4 minute!

 photo 20130116_203820_zpsf81cd271.jpg
Ailee performing

 photo 20130115_195412_zpsac4e13d8.jpg
One of the Kpop groups performing

 photo 20130115_202559_zpsd4c452de.jpg
Jong Hyun & Juniel duet

 photo 20130116_203031_zps1e999702.jpg
Lee Hi performing

 photo 20130115_214403_zps77c91068.jpg
Kara & CN Blue

 photo 20130115_221054_zps95c36206.jpg
Kara Performing

 photo 20130116_211135_zps963ba143.jpg
G Dragon winning the CeCi Popularity Award

Definitely it has been an amazing start this year with the Golden Disk Awards happening in KL. Once again, thank you Samsung & Donovan for the awesome tickets to this awards! can't wait for whats next in store!