Golden Disk Awards 2013! win your invites!


Every year, instead of the Grammys or Teen Choice Awards, there is one that stands out! it is the Golden Disk Awards! what is it you may ask? It is basically Korea's Music Awards!

Kpop Fans are literally going crazy for this event as plenty of the famous artists are coming down! The confirmed list so far includes:


For me I definitely can't wait to see Big Bang, Super Junior, 4 Minute, T-ara & Miss A. Just imagine all the big names here! all at one place! something surely not to be missed

You can purchase your tickets here: and it is priced at RM999 for Samsung Galaxy Zone, RM688 for Rockpit Zone and RM199 for Hallyu Zone

Or... a better solution. How about winning your tickets and going there for free? Samsung has organized its own contest on seeing who is the Ultimate Kpop Fan! 10 pairs of tickets are up for grabs!

Head over to and join the contest! its simple as that! All you have to do is Sing, Dance or Impersonate your favourite Kpop Artist and you're up for the running! 

Here is a step by step tutorial on how you should do it:

Head over to and basically this is the layout that you're gonna see:


Click "Submit your video" and it'll be recorded via your webcam


Dance Sing or do whatsoever you want, and fill in your details once you're done!


and well you're all set!


(yeah that is my entry)

Another way of winning your tickets is by posting encouraging comments on your favourite entries by others. The best 5 comments would win a pair of invites each to the Golden Disk Awards!


Simple as that. I would suggest to double up your chances by doing both! its simple and well, it doesn't even cost you a cent!

Just Head over to and you'll be in the running for it! I'll see you there!