Finally got my Hennessy Kyrios!

If you know me, you''ll know that I'm a big Hennessy Fan! My obsession and love towards it can't be lower than anyone else! Whenever i travel the world, I'll always keep a look out on limited editions, great Hennessy Xo's and everything else!

As the new year came, Hennessy has made another limited edition bottle which is the Hennessy Kyrios! I would say it is the "darker" side of the previous Hennessy NYX and Hennessy Helios which came out a year and 2 years back

I got myself down to Jusco, Mid Valley, and finally bought the bottle to add into my collection!

 photo DSC_0492_zps7aeba6ed.jpg

Thats my Helios, NYX and now the Kyrios! 

If you are a Hennessy fan as I am, Do head down to either Jusco Mid Valley until 3rd February


Jusco Queensbay/Jusco Permas Jaya from 2nd February - 5th February!

These are the only times that you can get it for now =) 

More info at:


Anonymous said…
What's the cost?
Samuel C said…
RM249 for a 700cl with a miniature =)
Anonymous said…
I'm also a big Hennessy fan and collector, my collection has grown over 400 Hennessy bottles of all types, also collect all related promo material and so on from this brand.
You can check out my Hennessy collection on my website
Don Henny 'Hennessy Collector'
Samuel C said…
sweet! i'll check it out