A great start for the year! We Love Asia 2013!

 photo 20130120_205216_zpsb430c67b.jpg

We Love Asia 2013 has come and gone to past! Yeah it was a freaking awesome party with so many international names in it! Over a 2 day period, Artiste such as Taio Cruz, Yolanda Be Cool, Ferry Corsten, Red Foo of LMFAO, Joaquim Garraud and Steve Aoki shared the stage to drive the crowd wild!

It was a totally different blend of music as you can get any type of genre in all the artistes who performed. 

Courtesy of Donovan from Manoah Consultancy, I received 4 invites to this awesome 2 day party! unfortunately, I only could make it for the 2nd day as I was busy with an interview. But well the fun doesn't stop there!

I headed over with Simone, when we realized, the party was already flaming even before we reached! Why is that?

A car caught on fire LOLOL

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*okay i'm so mean and totally off topic*

so well going back to the concert, We reached there in time for Joaquim Garraud's performance. His music was freaking epic as he uses a keyboard also to spice up his mixes!

*photos are all taken using the Samsung Galaxy S3

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Joaquim Garraud on the decks!

 photo 20130120_205943_zps92d9d1e6.jpg
Simone & I

 photo 20130120_213043_zpsb429dddf.jpg
Kit & I

after Joaquim's set, We had some intermission time, where we checked out the other "experience" zones where we were able to try new things!

 photo 20130120_210301_zpsbbe99220.jpg
The "experience" zones

 photo _DSC0090_1_zpsd03866b6.jpg
Getting photographed in there!

one of the highlights that i love, Molecular Gastronomy! Something new to Malaysians where it changes the smell, taste, texture and everything else!

 photo 20130120_211402_zpsb2c2f1c7.jpg
The Chef making a mango dessert

 photo 20130120_211733_zpsf2f84395.jpg
Simone with her Truffle oil in crystallized sugar with white chocolate cream

 photo 270957_10151354715682270_1448360392_n_zpsd4aa25d3.jpg
Putting my hands down the "smooth" centre

When we arrived back at the stage area, Red Foo of LMFAO came on stage with the Party Rock Crew! this is my 3rd time seeing him perform live, and definitely it is always as spectacular as ever! 

Getting F*cked up with shots, champagne showers and wiggling! what else can you ask for?

 photo 20130120_221236_zpsf9e0f5f4.jpg

 photo 20130120_222116_zpsbeca1318.jpg
The Party rock Crew!

A short video (turn down your volume a lil as its quite noisy)

And soon came out the most headbanging artist you can ever think of! Steve Aoki. Warping us into his turbulence!

 photo 20130120_234446_zpsb4ffe4d3.jpg

 photo 20130120_234755_zps8546d079.jpg

best part, he brought out a inflatable raft where people could crowd surf in style! 

 photo 20130121_000548_zps362bf789.jpg

Honestly its one of the best parties I've ever gone to as there is such a variety of music which keeps the crowd entertained! 

To those who didn't go, You've missed out a lot!

Once again, I wanna thank Donovan for giving me em tickets and definitely can't wait for We Love Asia 2014! its gonna be better!