Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally got my Hennessy Kyrios!

If you know me, you''ll know that I'm a big Hennessy Fan! My obsession and love towards it can't be lower than anyone else! Whenever i travel the world, I'll always keep a look out on limited editions, great Hennessy Xo's and everything else!

As the new year came, Hennessy has made another limited edition bottle which is the Hennessy Kyrios! I would say it is the "darker" side of the previous Hennessy NYX and Hennessy Helios which came out a year and 2 years back

I got myself down to Jusco, Mid Valley, and finally bought the bottle to add into my collection!

 photo DSC_0492_zps7aeba6ed.jpg

Thats my Helios, NYX and now the Kyrios! 

If you are a Hennessy fan as I am, Do head down to either Jusco Mid Valley until 3rd February


Jusco Queensbay/Jusco Permas Jaya from 2nd February - 5th February!

These are the only times that you can get it for now =) 

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysia

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A great start for the year! We Love Asia 2013!

 photo 20130120_205216_zpsb430c67b.jpg

We Love Asia 2013 has come and gone to past! Yeah it was a freaking awesome party with so many international names in it! Over a 2 day period, Artiste such as Taio Cruz, Yolanda Be Cool, Ferry Corsten, Red Foo of LMFAO, Joaquim Garraud and Steve Aoki shared the stage to drive the crowd wild!

It was a totally different blend of music as you can get any type of genre in all the artistes who performed. 

Courtesy of Donovan from Manoah Consultancy, I received 4 invites to this awesome 2 day party! unfortunately, I only could make it for the 2nd day as I was busy with an interview. But well the fun doesn't stop there!

I headed over with Simone, when we realized, the party was already flaming even before we reached! Why is that?

A car caught on fire LOLOL

 photo 20130120_2010400_zps4a83d908.jpg

*okay i'm so mean and totally off topic*

so well going back to the concert, We reached there in time for Joaquim Garraud's performance. His music was freaking epic as he uses a keyboard also to spice up his mixes!

*photos are all taken using the Samsung Galaxy S3

 photo 20130120_212548_zpsa0c4d750.jpg
Joaquim Garraud on the decks!

 photo 20130120_205943_zps92d9d1e6.jpg
Simone & I

 photo 20130120_213043_zpsb429dddf.jpg
Kit & I

after Joaquim's set, We had some intermission time, where we checked out the other "experience" zones where we were able to try new things!

 photo 20130120_210301_zpsbbe99220.jpg
The "experience" zones

 photo _DSC0090_1_zpsd03866b6.jpg
Getting photographed in there!

one of the highlights that i love, Molecular Gastronomy! Something new to Malaysians where it changes the smell, taste, texture and everything else!

 photo 20130120_211402_zpsb2c2f1c7.jpg
The Chef making a mango dessert

 photo 20130120_211733_zpsf2f84395.jpg
Simone with her Truffle oil in crystallized sugar with white chocolate cream

 photo 270957_10151354715682270_1448360392_n_zpsd4aa25d3.jpg
Putting my hands down the "smooth" centre

When we arrived back at the stage area, Red Foo of LMFAO came on stage with the Party Rock Crew! this is my 3rd time seeing him perform live, and definitely it is always as spectacular as ever! 

Getting F*cked up with shots, champagne showers and wiggling! what else can you ask for?

 photo 20130120_221236_zpsf9e0f5f4.jpg

 photo 20130120_222116_zpsbeca1318.jpg
The Party rock Crew!

A short video (turn down your volume a lil as its quite noisy)

And soon came out the most headbanging artist you can ever think of! Steve Aoki. Warping us into his turbulence!

 photo 20130120_234446_zpsb4ffe4d3.jpg

 photo 20130120_234755_zps8546d079.jpg

best part, he brought out a inflatable raft where people could crowd surf in style! 

 photo 20130121_000548_zps362bf789.jpg

Honestly its one of the best parties I've ever gone to as there is such a variety of music which keeps the crowd entertained! 

To those who didn't go, You've missed out a lot!

Once again, I wanna thank Donovan for giving me em tickets and definitely can't wait for We Love Asia 2014! its gonna be better!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get the latest Android Smartphones with Celcom!

Technology this days has became more competitive than ever! Every mobile phone brand wants to be on top, producing new lineages of phones which impresses the users.

Celcom being the largest network provider has brought in 3 new smartphones to its service which are the HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini & Sony Xperia Tipo! If theres a new phone in town, its definitely gotta be first on Celcom!

This 3 new phones adds to a wider range of phones which are offered by celcom. What are these 3 new phones you may ask?

The HTC butterfly as low as RM1468 (RRP: RM2299)

 photo htcbutterfly_zpsdc90fec3.jpg

- Runs on Android 4.1 Jellybean and a 1.6 Quad Core Snapdragon S4 Processor
- The World's first FULL HD Smartphone, 5 inches wide!
- 8mp Camera
- Equipped with Beats Audio!

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini as low as RM588 (RRP RM1199)

 photo samsunggalaxys3mini_zps106162a7.jpg

- Runs on Android 4.1 Jellybean & 1GHz dual-core processor
- 4 inch Super AMOLED display
- 5mp Camera with 4x optical zoom

The Sony Xperia Tipo as low as RM88 (RRP: RM499)

 photo sonyxperiatipo_zpsf928ca25.jpg

- Runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich & a 800 MHz Snapdragon Processor
- 3.2 inch screen with a scratch-resistant display
- 3.2mp Camera!

Intrigued yet? well this all comes with the best plans and of course with Celcom's First plans, you can even get the phones at more affordable prices!

The prices are as below:

Monthly Commitment
Voice Plan
Celcom First Prime (RM40)
Celcom First Premier (RM80)
Celcom First Elite (RM150)
Data Plan
Mobile Internet Basic
Mobile Internet Advance
Mobile Internet Basic
Mobile Internet Advance
Mobile Internet Basic
Mobile Internet Advance
Data Volume
Advance Payment
Device Price (12 months contract)
HTC Butterfly
Samsung GALAXY S III Mini
 Sony Xperia™ Tipo
Device Price (18 months contract)
HTC Butterfly
Samsung GALAXY S III Mini
Sony Xperia™ Tipo

So if you're wondering why should you choose Celcom First?

Here are the top 10 reasons!

·      3 simple plans with one FLAT RATE for voice & video calls, SMS & MMS.
·      Enjoy more to talk with AUTOMATIC SAVINGS on your calls to all networks.
·      The FLEXIBILITY to switch between postpaid and prepaid, anytime.
·      Payment choice made CONVENIENT for you via reload, online or over the counter.
·      EXCLUSIVE & PERSONALISED customer service always ready to assist you.
·      NO BILL SHOCKS with your monthly commitment already inclusive of IDD and roaming fees.
·      MULTIPLE PLANS for lower, middle or higher usage to suit every mobile need.
·      FREE DATA instantly to keep you surfing, chatting and emailing on the go.
·      Connect with PEACE OF MIND via real-time updates and notifications on your usage.
·      The FASTEST NETWORK in Malaysia that offers superior coverage and quality.

For more info, Do check it out at your nearest Blue Cube outlet or www.celcom.com.my

Monday, January 21, 2013

Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour

 photo 20130118_220250_zps44f0ecd9.jpg

Swedish House Mafia was in KL just not long ago. The craze for it was tremendous where everyone was just trying to buy tickets to it. whether it was the VIP Zone, Party Zone of Chillout Zone. All everyone wanted was to see their last tour!

Courtesy of Celcom Xpax, I was given Party Zone Tickets to the concert. With a few fellow friends, we stormed into Sunway Surf Beach and to our surprise, it was Freaking packed! So crowded like sardines in a can and pretty much little breathing space

One thing that was lacking in this concert was its security. There were plenty of people jumping zones such as People from the Chillout zone getting into the Party Zone as there was no security guards controlling the gates. And other than that, I could see people jumping into the VIP zones too. Something that needs to be improved in my opinion as it gave those who bought more expensive tickets less privileges as anyone could enter the more expensive zones

Other than that, Awesome tracks such as "Don't you worry child", "Miami to Ibiza", "Save the world tonight" and more were played by the awesome trio making the night interesting! of course, it is history as this is their last tour!

Well i couldn't get close to the stage as it was just sooo packed. so well, just a few photos from a far for this post =)

 photo 20130118_223930_zpsfdf65e72.jpg

 photo 20130118_232140_zps99287e58.jpg

 photo 20130118_232146_zps5f8de47c.jpg

a short video:

Once again, Thank you Celcom Xpax for inviting me to this phenomenal concert! made history to be in their last tour! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A trip to PICE Hotel

A few weeks back i posted on Jolyn Goh & Eng Seng's wedding at Penang. Well this post is on the awesome accommodation that they have provided me during my stay at Penang!

 photo PC280024_zps5ef86640.jpg

Located at Bukit Mertajam, PICE Hotel is a boutique hotel with a whole range of services. With cozy rooms, a lift, water heater services, wifi and much more, it is one hotel that you wish to be at if visiting the Mainland at Penang

It offers plenty of varieties of rooms and it comes at great rates too! For my stay, I was given the honeymoon suite which was really Cozy. plenty of pillows to fight with and well..it puts the mood on!

The Honeymoon Suite:
 photo PC280020_zpsc49099c2.jpg

 photo PC280017_zpse1038211.jpg

and when I had nothing else to do:


Other than that, There are other types of rooms which cater to everyone else:

Standard Twin Room

 photo 149704_408937019138167_153725331_n_zps39c76f61.jpg

Standard Queen Room

 photo 532841_408936882471514_2086466901_n_zps71bef865.jpg

Triple Deluxe Room

 photo 427851_409367675761768_1889578376_n_zpsb922eebb.jpg

Super Deluxe Room

 photo 148784_408937175804818_1806778450_n_zpsd80a2b0f.jpg

All I can say, My stay there was awesome =) away from the busy-ness of the city, It really does give some relaxation feel to it. 

Contact PICE Hotel at:

No.11A, Medan Limau Emas,
Pusat Perniagaan Limau Emas,
Bukit Mertajam

GPS Coordinate: N5.21.016, E100.26.337

*picture credits to Jackie Loi & Pice Hotel

Friday, January 18, 2013

Golden Disk Awards! Kpop Fever is here!

 photo 20130115_193810_zpsaebd7010.jpg

Kpop being one of the most influential factors in Malaysia has reached one of its peaks! For the first time ever in history, The Golden Disk Awards was held in Malaysia! and better yet? its the first time in South East Asia!

The Golden Disk Awards is the most prestigious Awards in Korea where Kpop Artist will try to get titles such as song of the year, album of the year and much more!

courtesy of Samsung Malaysia and Donovan from Manoah Consultancy, I was able to attend this awards in style! believe me it ain't cheap to actually go for it as there are plenty of artist that came down. So well, I was able to arrive in style once again! Woots~

Yukiko, Nathaniel, Chutipond, Elvina and myself headed over to Sepang for this 2 night event and there were plenty of screaming kpop fans over there waiting for their favourite artistes.

One thing funny though, we didn't understand a word of Korean when they were talking and the only point we headed there was to hear them sing LOL

Lets head to some of the pictures:

All photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S3

 photo 20130115_192710_zps5c183a29.jpg
At the car park with Chutipond

 photo 20130115_192435_zpsea802cf4.jpg
Our tickets!

 photo 20130115_195045_zps25ce406d.jpg
The Stage all light up!

 photo 20130115_202317_zpsc3ad67b7.jpg
Elvina & I

 photo 20130115_202246_zps2e977893.jpg
Yukiko, Nathaniel & I

 photo 20130115_213413_zpsae7e3955.jpg

 photo 20130115_200141_zpsfbebbbe5.jpg
Chutipond and I. We were given glow sticks!

 photo 20130116_212355_zps349f7039.jpg
The Emcees of the night. Lee Hong Ki & Dasom

 photo 20130115_205036_zps7d5c5b06.jpg
FT Island winning the Golden Disk Award Album Division

 photo 20130115_211934_zps4bdef463.jpg
4 minute winning the Golden Disk Award Album Division

 photo 1-3_zps5d3a8666.jpg
4 minute!

 photo 20130116_203820_zpsf81cd271.jpg
Ailee performing

 photo 20130115_195412_zpsac4e13d8.jpg
One of the Kpop groups performing

 photo 20130115_202559_zpsd4c452de.jpg
Jong Hyun & Juniel duet

 photo 20130116_203031_zps1e999702.jpg
Lee Hi performing

 photo 20130115_214403_zps77c91068.jpg
Kara & CN Blue

 photo 20130115_221054_zps95c36206.jpg
Kara Performing

 photo 20130116_211135_zps963ba143.jpg
G Dragon winning the CeCi Popularity Award

Definitely it has been an amazing start this year with the Golden Disk Awards happening in KL. Once again, thank you Samsung & Donovan for the awesome tickets to this awards! can't wait for whats next in store!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Don't lose it all! get ready for part 2!


We have already watched part 1 and definitely am waiting for Part 2! Xpax just released the trailer and it definitely is getting my heart pumping for it!

If you haven't watched part 1, you can check it out here: http://www.seraphsam.com/2012/12/dont-lose-it-all.html

Amy has been facing her frustrations badly because Nick hasn’t been replying. These are obviously the consequences of being in a long distance relationship – but of course they’re both aware of that. However, in this day of age, we have DATA – so where did they go wrong? Now that Nick has been away for sometime, is Amy moving on? 

For direct updates on it, You can head over to: http://bit.ly/dontLoseItAll

Other than that, enjoy the new trailer:

So Nick is back, but whose wring is that? Stay tuned till the story unfolds on 18th January 2013!

head over to http://bit.ly/dontLoseItAll