Galaxy Wonderland!

There are plenty of things that I love about Malaysia...which is probably the traffic, the corruption okay i think i went the wrong way...

well What do I love about Malaysia? the multi cultural ethnicity that stays here, the amazing landscape and rainforest, the awesome weather and of course..THE FOOD....

Technically my whole family is mostly overseas, and I'm the only one left here. So well..i would say these factors are the ones which makes me stay in Malaysia..and love Malaysia..

The bonds of our cultures are always so strong!

Scenaries in Malaysia are so breath taking

And of course, Amazing food!

going to a new topic, Samsung has renewed its creative partnership with Yuna Zarai, which is one of the best singers in Malaysia. From the previous project "sparkle" which was a huge success where Yuna's video was taken and edited all on the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung and Yuna will now embark on a new journey with the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, which will create the Galaxy Wonderland!

The Galaxy Wonderland is a musical voyage which celebrates Malaysia's culture, places and art. It will be seen through the eyes of the people, and to do so, Rallying Malaysians can submit their stories and inspirations on the Galaxy Wonderlands Portal at: Yuna will use these inspirations and stories to write her new song.

As for me, i'm not very good at art, so all i can say is, Malaysian scenaries are the best inspiration for me! Check out the picture i've submitted!


So do submit your stories at on how Malaysia is viewed by you!