The next big thing! The Samsung Galaxy Note II!


Yes you read it! its the Samsung Galaxy Note II!
I was given a chance by Samsung Malaysia & Manoah Consultancy to review one of it! Yes i had a bigass phone in my palms!

Everyone will be asking: Isn't it too big? 

Well my answer is, No, it brings out more possibilities! You get to see a bigger display of colour arrays, get to multitask easily, and with the S pen, you can do much more!

It has similar attributes to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the differences would be, The Note 2 has:

- a better processor which is 1.6GHz compared to the S3's 1.4GHz processor
- 2GB ram compared to the S3's 1GB ram, 
- A 3100mAH battery compared to the S3's 2100mAH battery. (YES LONGER TALK TIME!)

Getting to use the Samsung Galaxy Note II, There were a few features which got me running!

One of the features i love is the sidebar, where I can access my other applications easily without pressing the "home" button. So lets just say, if i were scrolling on Facebook, i can easily pull out the sidebar and head to my Twitter in a click! It also works for Gallery where I'm viewing my pictures!

Apps on the sidebar

The Gallery Sidebar

Of course the main feature that I love about the Note 2 is the S pen & S Note feature. I can easily create notes wherever i go, pulling pictures in, drawing things and much more! its definitely great as i'll be able to send my ideas instantly to anyone else!

Diary Mode

Another part that i love about the Note 2 is the Paper Artist! I'm able to edit the pictures that i take, to become sketches, pieces of artwork which are unique and meaningful. It starts by taking an ordinary picture, and editing it to the way you want it!

Editing the pictures

The finished product

Well that is all for this post, I'm definitely loving it, and I know there is much more to explore from it! Check out the unending possibilities with the Samsung Galaxy Note II for yourself!