Ireland - Newgrange

Good morning lovely people. Basically its morning where you are and I'm 8 hours behind you. So if the world ends, Let me know! LOL


Continuing my Europe trip, I managed to visit Ireland's Newgrange. Please be not mistaken, This is NOT STONEHENGE IN ENGLAND.

The interesting part of Newgrange is, It was built about 5000 years ago (3200 bc) which is much earlier compared to the Stonehenge in England. It was built in the Neolithic period and is categorized as a passage tomb.

It is also known as an ancient temple for the people to worship and have religious activities there. It is the "centre" of all the other passage tombs as there are all together 35 passage tombs in the region

Its amazing when you see what these people could do when they had no technology, whatsoever to transport and build this amazing monuments

Another great part about this passage tomb is, when it is the Winter Solstice, light will enter the tomb through the passageway and light it up. *only during the winter solstice*

here is an aerial view of Newgrange:


lets head to some of the pictures over there:

The river to the tomb

Another view

Sonya and Audrey with the tomb's walls

And we're going in circles

now you'll be thinking how the heck did they build this

Well that's all for this post, will be updating soon on Giants & Bridges! Stay tuned!

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