Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Agent 008 in action at Dublin! With the Samsung NX20

Wassup people? How has your week been going?

The James Bond Fever is going on Worldwide! Unless you're living under a rock.....


*No offence Patrick Star* 

With Daniel Craig getting in all the action with M, It was a mind blowing movie!

I was able to watch the movie in Dublin (paid mega bucks for the ticket since it was in Euros pfft) but well, it sprung me some ideas!

I decided to make a video over there, and as you know, I'm very lame, but feel free to watch it here:

How do you think of it? yeah I'm that lame LOL

Well, continuing with this post, yes i would love to say, The Samsung NX20 has been outperforming itself for me this past month!

One great feature that i love about the Samsung NX20 is the Swivel Amoled Screen! Attached to the camera is the screen which allows you to take pictures from any angle! *yes i actually tried twisting and turning it all round*

and whats more? The Samsung Amoled display? the colours which appear are so real and beautiful!

here are some pictures on how it twists around (No colours involved as I was indoors LOL)


and the best part is, I would say it'll come in pretty handy for GIRLS (maybe guys too), as you can basically camwhore easily!


Another great feature on the Samsung NX20 is the I-Function Button. If you're a person who loves manual photography, this will be a great tip for you. The I-Function Button located at the lens of the camera enables you to change manual settings easily by just a click of a button.

Once clicked, the settings can be changed via rotating the focus ring on the lens, or by the dials on the camera

have a look:




As for me, It makes life easier as I'll be able to change the settings I want with ease! hence able to capture the moments that are meaningful!

why don't you check it out for yourself and see what you're missing? =)


Sherrie Pui said...

LOL. So funny la u

Samuel Chew said...

hahaha saja lah =D i'm very lame too =P

John Deacon said...

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