Agent 008 in action at Dublin! With the Samsung NX20

Wassup people? How has your week been going?

The James Bond Fever is going on Worldwide! Unless you're living under a rock.....


*No offence Patrick Star* 

With Daniel Craig getting in all the action with M, It was a mind blowing movie!

I was able to watch the movie in Dublin (paid mega bucks for the ticket since it was in Euros pfft) but well, it sprung me some ideas!

I decided to make a video over there, and as you know, I'm very lame, but feel free to watch it here:

How do you think of it? yeah I'm that lame LOL

Well, continuing with this post, yes i would love to say, The Samsung NX20 has been outperforming itself for me this past month!

One great feature that i love about the Samsung NX20 is the Swivel Amoled Screen! Attached to the camera is the screen which allows you to take pictures from any angle! *yes i actually tried twisting and turning it all round*

and whats more? The Samsung Amoled display? the colours which appear are so real and beautiful!

here are some pictures on how it twists around (No colours involved as I was indoors LOL)


and the best part is, I would say it'll come in pretty handy for GIRLS (maybe guys too), as you can basically camwhore easily!


Another great feature on the Samsung NX20 is the I-Function Button. If you're a person who loves manual photography, this will be a great tip for you. The I-Function Button located at the lens of the camera enables you to change manual settings easily by just a click of a button.

Once clicked, the settings can be changed via rotating the focus ring on the lens, or by the dials on the camera

have a look:




As for me, It makes life easier as I'll be able to change the settings I want with ease! hence able to capture the moments that are meaningful!

why don't you check it out for yourself and see what you're missing? =)


Cutebun said…
LOL. So funny la u
Samuel C said…
hahaha saja lah =D i'm very lame too =P
Unknown said…
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