The Samsung NX20 Instant Sharing Via Wifi!


Courtesy of Samsung Malaysia & Manoah, I've received a brand new Samsung NX20! Its all mine baby its all mine! The Samsung NX20 is the highest range of the Samsung camera lineup at the moment, and I'm just so lucky to have one!

As a camera fanatic, one thing that i truly love about the Samsung NX20 is the Instant Sharing Via Wifi feature.

It means that, once you've taken a picture with the camera, you can instantly upload it to your social networks such as Facebook, Picasa, Youtube and Photobucket, or alternatively, you can send it to your Email!

So without further to do, here is a demo on how it operates:

You can see how simple it is to operate the Instant Sharing Via Wifi feature, and it uploads simultaneously which lets the world know on your photos there and then!

There goes the age where we would use our lower quality photos taken by our smartphones to be uploaded, with the Samsung NX20, High quality can be assured in the photos with its 20.3mp and awesome sensors!

One thing for sure, I'm definitely happy with this!


Wilson Ng said…
Amazing camera, im using this camera as well!
Samuel C said…
hehe i know you have one too =p
Unknown said…
The monitor is very nice, with plenty of user selectable options for content and characteristics of the display. One of the most useful of these options is the orange/blue indication of highlight/shadow clipping, available on preview and review in both the monitor and EVF.
samsung nx-20 review
Samuel C said…
Definitely! enjoying every single bit of it!
Unknown said…
I am suing a Samsung NX20 model Digital smart camera. It's the best camera than NX1000.
Samsung NX20