I Care 2 Share!


I'm gonna ask this question, Do you care 2 share? I definitely do! Chikapowwow has created a movement which is "I Care 2 Share" in support of PRUkasih which is a community service project born out of the very simple yet powerful act of listening.

If you do not know whats Chikapowwow, it is Malaysia's most innovative online auction experience which allows its users to bid and purchase items for a small fraction of the price. Some of the items sold at Chikapowwow are limited edition items and can't be found in Malaysian markets.

Continuing with "I Care 2 Share", Leveraging on PRUkasih movement, its purpose is to provide financial protection to urban poor families should the unexpected happen to the breadwinners. In keeping with Project Listen's spirit of inspiring others, every share of a Project Listen video or written story through Facebook or email will be matched with a RM1 contribution to PRUkasih 

Here is my video on PRUkasih:

So do show your support by heading to: http://www.chikapowwow.com/my/index.php?cmd=page&id=projectlisten

and share the story via Email, Facebook or Twitter as each share donates RM1 to PRUkasih