BigBang Special – My Favourite Korean Things


Everyone knows that BigBang's concert is just around the corner! and for one thing, Fans are getting crazy and hyped up for it! Koreanation ftw!

Well besides just BigBang, what are your favorite Korean things?

As for me, there are just a couple of things that I really love about Korea.

1. The Food!


As food is part of what i specialize in, Korean Food is a cuisine that stimulates my appetite. Whether its Kim Chi to Bi Bim Bap, I love it! As for me, It is a blend of flavors, texture and cooking methods which makes the food so delicious 

2. Soju!


Soju, a type of rice wine from Korea is another of my favorite Korean things. As i'm still young *aheemm*, drinking is a part of Malaysian culture where I love to spend my time with my friends drinking all sorts of liquor. But as for Soju, it is a type of drink which goes well with Korean Cuisine, and also is incorporated with a lot of Korean drinking games which brings out the craziness in people. I had my fare share of drinking with Koreans, and well, it is just so memorable and exciting!

3. K-Pop!


Besides BigBang, there are plenty of other Korean groups out there which has hit the international arena! I don't know the language & meanings towards the songs, but somehow, everyone can click whenever K-pop songs come alive! K-Pop managed to revolutionize the music arena of the world, and definitely has brought the world together. Other than that, the artistes are just so pretty and good looking, who wouldn't want some eye candy to that?

Now that's all about me, how about you?

Other than that, if you haven't gotten your Bigbang tickets, you can always get your tickets until 19th October 2012 by doing the following:


Step 1: 
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Step 2: 
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Step 3: 
Retain sales receipt as proof of purchase

There are 5 pairs of VIP invites & 100 pairs of RM188 tickets to be won! Other than that, there are plenty of other Big Bang Merchandise to be won!

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