Big Bang Alive World Tour 2012!

You have been seeing me post up some random things about Big Bang for the past month, and it has all come down to this, The Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur!

Courtesy of Samsung & Manoah, I went to The Big Bang Alive Tour VIP style with another 8 bloggers! Just imagine, it was a sold out concert, where the VIP tickets (Cat 1) that were on sale, were all gone within the 1st hour! What do you think of that? How lucky am I to get those seats

The Best part is, There were some fans who were in queue since the morning? just to get as close as possible to Big Bang in their allocated zones

and luckily for me, I could just happily walk in at 7.30pm and my reserved seats were there for me and the other bloggers, just about 5 rows from the stage with FRONT VIEW! I bet all Big Bang fans are jealous! =D

I headed there with Alicia, Senri, Victoria & Ercilia, where they got getting their spirits up for the Big Bang Concert, as well, they are girls LOL! The thing is, it was raining all day, and started to rain again which made everyone wear ponchos since its an open stadium

lets head to some pictures that night:

This was the crowd at 7.30pm when i came. crazy ain't it? 

All VIP yo!

Ercilia & I

The amazing thing is, when Big Bang came on stage, The rain stopped! Big Bang can stop the rain! LOL

The opening of the concert

here is my whole experience at the big bang concert, check out the video:

unfortunately, Tae Yang slipped and fell during his performance of "Wedding Dress" but he recovered and managed to finish the whole song! (You can watch it in my video at 4.44 minutes)

Other than that, a few more pictures of the night:

Big Bang Performing
*picture credits to Caxton Chow*



One thing for sure, It was all worth it to watch Big Bang live! Thank you Samsung & Manoah for giving me this chance! 

If you want to be more into Big Bang, you can always check out the Big Bang application at:

All photos & videos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy SIII


Unknown said…
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Hilda Milda™ said…
Heard from my friends that the concert was pretty awesome! So bummed that I couldn't join the concert T__T
Samuel C said…
@hilda milda: yeah it was pretty awesome =D you were busy with something issit?
Xue Ren said…
arhh! how i wish i can join this concert!!! :(
Samuel C said…
awwww, probably the next time for you =) or 2ne1! =D