20.3 mp is all i need! The Samsung NX20 aces it!

As i was given the Samsung NX20 a week back, I was basically molesting it thoroughly to get the best out of it. One great part which amazes me is the megapixel count on it, which is 20.3 megapixels.

With 20.3 megapixels, I'm able to blow up my photos to humongous sizes and it wouldn't be pixelated. If you have no idea what i'm talking about, Digital pictures are made out of pixels, and 1 mp = 1 million pixels. So with 20mp, my picture will be made up of 20 million pixels which makes the picture sharp & stunning no matter how large you print it.

So basically, The Samsung NX20 has a freakishly great amount of mp which creates great photos and one thing for sure, I know it wouldn't be pixelated and the quality of my images will be superb!

here are some examples of the photos I've taken:

My Dog, Oreo @ 1/125 seconds, F/4.5, ISO-100


and when the picture is blown up: 

See how sharp is the quality of it? his fur & dark circles can be seen so clearly without any pixels

Subang Lake @  1/500 seconds, F/8, ISO-800


when blown up:

You can see how clear the father-child are when its blown up to amazing heights

and with 20.3mp, you're able to take awesome low light shots such as this:

KLIA Highway @ 5 seconds, F/10, ISO-400

one thing for sure, the 20.3mp feature on the Samsung NX20 is just so good to be true! Get your hands and try the Samsung NX20 at your local Samsung distributors if you can as definitely, I'm happy with mine!

The journey is not over! There is just too much to be explored! 


Unknown said…
The pictured Samsung NX20 camera system has therefore not yet final status, but we were shown as pre-production model
samsung nx20 review