Going all Wifi with the Samsung WB150F!


I was given the opportunity to get my hands on the new Samsung WB150F smart camera. It is a small little camera which packs a big POW to it! Samsung getting itself into the photography sector has developed rapidly and I can see the changes in its technology

here is the unboxing video of it:

I would say this is a mid range camera and it comes with features such as:

18x optical zoom
14 Mega pixels
3.0 LCD screen
Full HD
Full manual mode

and the main thing


Yeah you'll be wondering, wassup with Wifi Connectivity? it basically gives you the power to upload your photos straight to Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket, Emails, and more!

so yeah, you can take away the hassle of taking out the memory card, transfer its contents, upload it manually, with the Samsung WB150F, you can do it all just on the camera!

here is a demo on how its done:

Other than that, The camera comes with other amazing features such as the editing features, frames and filters!

So lets just say, you took a photo but it wasn't how you imagined, you can do plenty of things to the photos, such as Magic Frames, Picture in picture, Split shots, Artistic Brush, Photo & Movie Filters & Photo Editing

Yeah all of that in 1 camera! how awesome is that? you'll be able to adjust the saturation, contrast, brightness, etc all on the camera before you upload it!

Here are some of the samples of which i took:

Panorama mode


Adding Sparkles to your pictures!

and there's another interesting function which is the Artistic Brush

Making pictures into sketches!

So if you want to find out more on it, why don't you head to your nearest Samsung Dealer and check out what its all about! 

I definitely had my fun on it!


Coolest camera features I have ever seen! Is it the first one to ever have wifi built on it? :)
Samuel C said…
yeah the features are rather amazing to me too =) its not the first wifi camera built. there were some older predecessors from Samsung, Canon, Nikon & Sony