Karmun's 22!

Aris, a loving boyfriend of Karmun, went through loads of shit just to create a surprise birthday party for Karmun. From calling everyone up to preparing the food, you've done a mighty great job!

Karmun, Turning 22 ain't easy but well, You're getting a year wiser! Lets hope the best for you in your studies and your future!

As for the birthday, there was a bbq pool party held at their condo where plenty of friends came over to EAT EAT EAT....and of course celebrate with Karmun

Less the talk, now lets head to some of the pictures of the night!

Karmun & I

The bbq pit with the patties that Aris made

Khit Yeng & Boyfriend (sorry bro i forgot your name)

Getting thrown into the pool

Karmun headed in to as she didn't wanna get her precious "RM400 hair" wet

but well, it just failed as there were splashes of water that came soon after that!


Khit Yeng, Karmun, Mandy & I

Karmun with her birthday cake


Thats practically how hard she blew =D

and well last but not least,

The Final Group picture!

Once again, happy birthday Karmun! Have a blast!


Unknown said…
So much fun! Happy birthday Kah Mun. :D
Josarine said…
It was a cute and fun night! :)
Karmun said…
Aawww thanks sammy! i've never had a post dedicated specially to me before :') hope you had as much fun as i did! :) love the GIF!
Samuel C said…
karmun: hehe no probs babe =)you're the special woman of the day