Getting to know the My Book Live Duo by Western Digital

Remember my previous post about a week back on the new Western Digital My Book Live & My Book Live Duo? I finally got a chance to actually see it in real life and to test it out for myself. If you haven't read about it, You can do so Here:

As of now,

The My Book Live comes in 2TB & 3TB 
and The My Book Live Duo comes in 4TB & 6TB

The Retail Prices are: My Book Live from RM499 and My Book Live Duo from RM999. yes its pricey, but its worth it! finding the features it gives and security over all.

We were invited to Plaza Lowyat to see the live demonstration on how it operates, with the steady hands and knowledge of the Western Digital Employee, We were able to know its perks, and its superiority over the rest.

The lineup of WD Products

The Western Digital Employee

The My Book Live & My Book Live Duo!


Karmun & I
*picture credits to Karmun*

Getting to know the My Book Live series, its basically connected to the internet where you can access it from anywhere around the globe. There is an online portal which is very easy to use to extract any of your documents and also the iPad/Android apps which we're able to use for tablets and phones.

The iPad apps

One of the things that I'm really impressed about it, was the speed that you are able to retrieve your documents/music/videos.

He showed us a live streaming of the music/videos played on the iPad when the My Book Live set was actually at WD Headquarters. It was really amazing to know that the documents and content get streamed so fast without laggyness. 

live streaming of content

As for security wise, we found out that we could set multiple passwords to ensure the safety of our content in our hard disks. Since everyone will be asking, how safe would it be since its on the internet? I can assure you that it is VERY SAFE.

As we headed on to the technical side, We got to open up the My Book Live Duo set. where we could see the double hard disks in it. A great part about it is that, in the unlikely event where the My Book Live Duo were to crash, we can extract both the hard disks out to retrieve all the content stored in them. 

The inside of the My Book Live Duo

Other than that, for the My Book Live Duo, you can also expand your storage from plugging in your other drives to it. So basically you can have more than the 6TB allocated inside the Hard Drive

The external ports.

All in All, I would say it is a VERY GOOD BUY if you're interested in getting some additional storage for yourself. The Accessibility, the security, and of course coming from the World's leader in storage solutions, You're in for a treat if you do get one!

You can check the list of IT shops below to get your hands on one!