Ever wondering how you can get items for cheaper prices? As for me, discount sites do not provide the gadgets that I want, but there’s a way! Chikapowwow!


Whats Chikapowwow you ask? It is an online bidding site where plenty of items are on auction! The range of items being auctioned are such as IT products, health products, perfumes, and much more!

How do you get started?

1. Log on to, and register for a new account


2. Once registered, you would need to purchase “Chikas” which is basically the tokens that you’ll use to bid on items. 1 Chika is RM1.50 so you would need to purchase a bundle of 25, 50 or higher.


Select the desired amount of Chikas


3. Now that you’re all set and loaded with Chikas, you shall proceed to the main page where all the auctions are happening.

Since you’re still new at online bidding, I would suggest you to try out FREE AUCTIONS for Chika packs. FREE AUCTIONS will not use your Chikas, and you’ll be able to get a hang on how it works over here.

Example of a Free Auction:


Once you’ve got a hold on the basics of trying to “POW”, you can then head off to Learner Auctions such as the Touch & Go Cards, Hard Disks, Ipods as it’s a better training ground for newbies and professionals/more senior chikadians won’t be able to take part.

Learner Auctions only apply to those who haven’t won any item previously and it has an L symbol at the top left hand corner

Other than that you can also go for other smaller auctions (smaller products)  which have less competition compared to the bigger auctions such as laptops. smartphones, etc

Examples of Smaller auctions:


And well, sooner or later, once you feel you’re able to conquer the world, you can head on to bigger auctions such as Laptops, smartphones, etc.

One thing you should know about Chikapowwow, Some items are not available in Malaysia! They’re limited editions and it is not/is very hard to find in Malaysia. You can try your luck on some items such as the Nike Fuel Band, Burberry Blue Label, etc


If you’re wondering how much can you actually buy the items, Check out the stats below on what others have previously won at Chikapowwow!


Another amazing feature about Chikapowwow is the “BUY NOW” option. It is the option to buy the item at full price in the event you do not win

For example: you spent 100 Chikas in trying to bid for a laptop but didn’t win it, so you basically can still buy the item at full retail price by topping up the balance.


The system works like that (retail price – amount of chikas used = price you still pay)

Eg: (Galaxy note: RM2000 – Chikas used (100 Chikas x RM1.50) = Price you pay: RM1850)

In addition, if 10 people partake in the auction, 10 of them can buy it.

Other than that, You can also check out the Youtube Video about tutorials on the Robot Pow  which may become a great asset to you!

What are you waiting for? Start Powwing yourself away and get this magnificient items at great prices!


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