Good things to people who put effort & wait

Well I've always believed that good things happen to the people who put effort & wait. And also for another thing i believe in, Everything happens for a reason & The best is yet to come! 

So as for me, This month I've been blessed with a few things through my blogging. And well, its worthwhile!

I've received:

A bottle of Glenmorangie Astar (RM600 in value & limited)


The new bottle of Hennessy VSOP (only in markets from August 2012)


and last but not least:

I won RM500 of Timberland Vouchers from a blog contest!


So as for you all, why not put some effort into what you do? you'll surely be rewarded! and if you do not win or get what you want, always believe that the best is yet to come!