Get into Gush 2012!

Ever heard of Gush2012? Well if you haven't heard about it, It is the worldwide launch of Gushcloud happening in a series of concerts at San Fransisco, Singapore and Malaysia! is a social discovery network that connects people to Gushworthy content and brands in a meaningful way. You're able to discover new stories everyday through posts from other people, or you can share what you find interesting to the world.

So as for the concert in San Fransisco, Music acts such as Hello Goodbye, Mayday & The Cab will be performing! and well there is a chance to even win your way there!




so now to get to the main point, HOW DO YOU GET YOURSELVES TO SAN FRANSISCO?

All you have to do is some simple steps and I'll be guiding you through it.

Step 1.
Head over to & sign up for a gush account!


Step 2
Head over to your profile page


Step 3
Click: Join the Gush Chase & between a musician or influencer
Influencers must have at least 3 social platforms (blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube)


Step 4 
head over to and register if you haven't!


So now, how do you win your spot to San Fransisco after doing all this? You have to be either the top musician or influencer to win your trip including a friend!

To do so, There are 3 aspects to be accounted for
  1. number of subscribers
  2. number of posts 
  3. number of gushes received from each post
So basically, the more the better! and it'll increase your chances of winning!

the posts are such as:

yeah its one of the random posts I've posted up =D

some other tips for hyping up your profile: 

And one last thing, Subscribe to me! 
My account is:


All the best to you! and i'll be seeing you at Gush2012 Malaysia! and hopefully San Fransisco!


Gush 2012 is the worldwide launch party of Gushcloud, happening in a series of concerts in San Francisco, Singapore and Malaysia. 
In conjunction, The Gush Chase will be held in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia to select one social media influencer per country to cover Gush 2012 San Francisco on 25 Aug 2012.
The local runner-ups from Singapore and Malaysia will get to cover their local Gush 2012 concert.

What is The Gush Chase duration?
The Gush Chase runs from 4 July - 6 August 2012.
What are the prizes?
The winner of each country will win an all expense paid 4D3N trip for themselves and a friend to San Francisco, inclusive of flights, accommodation and travelling allowance of 120USD per person. They will get to cover the event on social media and interview The Cab, Hellogoodbye and Mayday Parade.
Two runner-ups from Singapore and Malaysia each will cover their local Gush 2012 concert.

Eligibility Criteria 
1. You must be at least 14 years of age as of 25 August 2012.
2. Your must have an account on at least 3 of the following social media platforms:
- Instagram
- Youtube
- A blog
- Facebook
- Twitter

For more details, check out, and subscribe to me!

Start Gushing baby!