I deserve Timberland!


Timberland, a well known brand for apparels, footwear and accessories, will definitely spark the eyes of any adventurer! Known for its quality and strength towards wear and tear, I would definitely want to get products such as these to gear myself up!

I definitely deserve Timberland as I'm quite an adventurer. From hiking to any sort of outdoor activities, I  definitely do everything to get the perfect shot that I want. Capturing the moments which can describe a thousand words, that is what I aim for.

have a look at a few shots that I've took over the past year:

Broga Hill

Langkawi Cable Car

Killaloe, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Glencar Waterfall, North Ireland

Aillwee Caves waterfall

The Colloseum, Rome

The Vatican Museum

How did you enjoy those shots? Pretty nice ain't it?

So going back to the main topic.

The camera gear? checked! The skills to take great shots? checked! Stamina to go the distance? Checked!

The perfect shoes for the job? Damn! I've always been using my old casual shoes to go anywhere. which had actually nearly led me to a few encounters of breaking a few bones.

In order to continue my passion for photography and also to bring my pictures to you, I would say I deserve Timberland and no less to get amazing shots at great distances!

Probably a Timberland Pathrock low leather & fabric with Gore tex membrane?


It features premium low-cut leather upper for comfort, durability and abrasion resistance! and best yet, Its gore tex membrane is WATERPROOF!

and thanks to Samantha Kong (www.samanthakgss.blogspot.com), My dreams may be yet to come true! She's organizing a Timberland competition where the winner would stand a chance to win RM500 worth of Timberland vouchers!

*crossing my fingers* 

Also head over to Timberland's Facebook to get to know the latest hypes on it! https://www.facebook.com/TimberlandMalaysia

Last but not least,


With Timberland, I'm able to conquer all sorts of Terrain!
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