Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S3


I was given the chance by Samsung Malaysia  & Donovan to test and review the Samsung Galaxy S3. I would say its a hellava phone where there are so many features compiled into it. Really enjoyed my time with it and well, honestly I would say its the phone for me

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the following such as:
- Quad Core 1.4Ghz processor
- Android Ice Cream Sandwich
- 4.8 inch super AMOLED display
- Full HD Playback & Recording
- 8 MP back camera & 1.9MP front camera

So well, Check out the video on the unboxing of it:

if you think that's what you get from the Samsung Galaxy S3, there is more! The Samsung Galaxy S3 is prepacked with features that will blow your mind.

Features that I love are such as the:
- S Voice
- S Suggest
- S Beam
- No Laggyness
- Camera Burst mode up to 20 pictures & Best picture

There's plenty more features to it that will suit to you!

Check out the video as i show some of the features:

So If you're free this weekend, Head over to one of the roadshows and start placing your order on the Samsung Galaxy S3! 


Its definitely a great phone for me! Go check it out for yourself!


Ken Wooi said…
This is really cool. How i wish i have one to review too :)
Samuel C said…
yeah it is. seriously i'm getting it soon as its damn good lol. You'll get your chance soon!