Davidoff Champion!


Everyone has a champion in their life. It can be their parents, relatives, idols, lecturers, friends and more. As for me, its definitely my Mum & Dad! 

Just imagine, the pain joy they went through to bring me up in this world as I was such a mischievous  good & loving son, LOL. Well definitely they're the best in providing everything I needed and also to bring me up the right way to ensure that I wouldn't stray off the right path. And of course, to ensure I've got enough education so that I can conquer the world!

As of now, Davidoff brings a whole new perfume with its name "Champion" which will be used by Champions! It comes in a unique shape of a dumbbell which inspires men with its composition to gain power & new victories, hence its meant to bring out the Champion in you!

The composition is bright and citrus from the start - lemon and bergamot shine irresistibly fresh, merging with the heart of galbanum and clary sage. Base notes include cedar wood accords and oak moss


So as of now, Davidoff is organizing an online contest where you'll be able to win 50ml Davidoff Champions! This contest will be starting this week for 4 weeks in a row!

Check it out at Davidoff's official Facebook Page and start winning! https://www.facebook.com/davidoffparfums.my/app_429271597103029

And other than that, Once the weekly contest is over, do vote for me as your Favourite Blogger! You'll be able to see my picture at the Davidoff Facebook Page, LIKE IT!


So what are you waiting for? Join the contest! and start winning Davidoff Champion Fragrances! 

and remember, VOTE FOR ME!


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