Glenmorangie! Unnecessarily Well Made!!


Many of you would know what Glenmorangie is, but do you know it in detail? Glenmorangie is basically a single malt whisky which is arguably the most delicious and complex single malt whisky in the world! The characteristics of Glenmorangie includes its multi-layered aromas and its kaleidoscopic flavours which stimulates the senses and entice the palate of the human mouth.

Glenmorangie puts a lot of effort in the process of making its finest whiskys to ensure that the quality of the whisky can be categorized as "unnecessarily well made"

So you're wondering, what are the processes done to make Glenmorangie "unnecessarily well made"?


Firsts up, it starts with the casks used to contain the whisky. Single Malt requires wooden casks to obtain the flavors and characteristics of the casks in the process of maturation. Many of Glenmorangie's casks comes from white oaks grown on the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, USA. 

The wood used is grown slowly over 100 years and seasoned naturally in open air for 2 years to preserve the porous textures which adds to the whisky's intriguing depth!

More than that, Glenmorangie only uses its casks TWICE to ensure that the characters infused into the whiskys are consistent and at the most flavour the whisky can obtain


The 2nd part which makes Glenmorangie "Unnecessarily well made" are the stills used to process the whiskys. Most single malt uses shorter stills, but as for Glenmorangie, The stills used are swan-necked stills that are the tallest in Scotland measuring 16 feet 10 and 1 quarter inches (5.14m).


The height of the stills means that only the lightest and purest vapours are able to ascend to the top and condense into spirit. contributing to Glenmorangie's distinctive complexity and layered flavour.


And as for last but not least, the ingredients used to process the whisky. Glenmorangie uses superior ingredients such as local spring water from its own Tarlogie spring and locally grown Scottish barley. 

Combined with the skill of the craftsmen who follow the same, time honoured approach that the company has been using throughout all time, it results in a smooth spirit of distinction!

Presenting, the original Glenmorangie Single Malt:


So if this all intrigues you, be sure not to miss the opportunity to familiarize with all things "Unnecessarily Well Made" this April!

Glenmorangie will be showcasing its Glenmorangie's SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar from the 11th April 2012 - 1 May 2012 at the North Atrium of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City!

Whether you're a single malt aficionado, a fan of contemporary design, or just plain curious, be sure to be there! and live the life to tell on Glenmorangie's "Unnecessarily Well Made" concept!

Take a sip, and you'll definitely be changed!