Taking on the Bcard!


Now you may be thinking, Whats the Bcard? What does it do? 

Basically the Bcard is Malaysia's premier lifestyle and brand focused loyalty program card. It enables you to collect points during transactions & redeem the accumulated points for vouchers & products that you want. 

The Bcard can be used at outlets such as: 


The great benefits of the Bcard are such as:
- There are no annual fees to it
- Points can be collected at participating merchants
- Points can be redeemed at over 250 outlets
- Points only expire 36 months after transaction

I was given the chance of using the Bcard to show how simple it is to redeem & pay with the Bcard. As for my merchant of choice, I headed down to Starbucks to grab a nice mocha frap on a hot sunny day

One does not simply walk into Starbucks without a Bcard!

so what you want to do is:

Pass your Bcard to the cashier, tell them that you want to REDEEM your points, and start ordering!

The cashier will then pass to you the Bcard transaction machine for you to ENTER YOUR 6 DIGIT PIN

Once you've entered your pin number, The transaction is now complete & the receipts are printed. You're just required to sign the transaction slip for the merchant like a credit card

Bcard statement showing the redemption of points

and last but not least:

Enjoy the cold mocha frap! 

So what are you waiting for? don't lose out on the benefits that the Bcard has to offer. Register yourselves at www.bcard.com.my