Hennessy NYX party! get your invites!


This upcoming 5th January, Hennessy is releasing its latest edition to the collectors edition which is the Hennessy NYX.

Hennessy NYX means the Goddess of Nights and Dreams and it comes with an awesome design which glows in the dark. Its themed neon & purple as it represents the night with all its wonders and is superb under ultraviolet light!

Hennessy NYX comprises Aromas of clove, vanilla, cinnamon, are joined by delicate roasted notes resulting from the cognac maturation in oak barrels


This is a limited edition bottle and there are limited numbers in the world and each bottle is numbered. You should of course, try to get one for yourself as its futuristic, 

The bottle in different light conditions

So now you're wondering, whats this all about? 

Basically on the 5th of January, Hennessy is having its launching party and its going to be held at a secret location in Mid Valley. The event is only by invitation and you should secure your passes for it. Here's how:

Check out Hennessy's Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysiajoin the NYX competition, start inviting your friends and the top 100 who has the most points will win themselves 4 invites each! furthermore, If you're able to be the top 5, You'll win yourself an exclusive bottle of Hennessy NYX.

Pretty simple ain't it?

Whats to be expected at that party?

A whole awesome night filled with surprises and of course, sipping on your favourite hennessy drinks such as:


So what are you waiting for? Check out Hennessy's Facebook and join the contest to win your passes!

last but not least, check out the Hennessy NYX video: 

I'll see you there!