Simple Plan Concert

Simple Plan has landed at Kuala Lumpur for the concert which was held at KL Live Centre. 

Courtesy of Hot Magazine, I received a pair of rockzone tickets which cost RM258 each! As lucky as I am to receive those tickets, I invited along Eileen who is also a fan like me to enjoy the night!

It was a great concert even though it was held in a small venue. Few things that i loved about the night, 

1. They played the old songs from "No Pads. No Helmets. Just balls" which I grew up with
2. It was 1 1/2 hours of pure Simple Plan
3. The night was accompanied with Guinness Drafts
4. It was a smoke free venue!
5. It'l be told later =D

Lets just get to a few photos & videos taken that night

Eileen and I

Simple Plan Rocking the stage

When I'm Gone


Well as for the end of the night and the 5th most awesome part of the night:


I managed to get one of Chuck's Autographed Drumsticks =D

All I can say is, Thank you Hot Magazine for giving me those tickets! It was an awesome night indeed!

Photos & Videos taken using Canon Ixus 85IS