The Samsung NX200


I've been given the chance to try out the new Samsung NX200 which is the 5th edition to the Samsung NX series. The Samsung NX200 camera is a great edition to the Samsung NX series as it has upgraded a lot in terms such as it has:

- its body frame is sturdy as it is made up of Magnesium Alloy & Plastic
- high megapixels at 20.3 MP APS-C Cmos sensor
- shutter is up to 7 frames per second
- Iso's are able to be boosted up to 12800
- 10 Smart filters & 13 Magic frames to play with
- 1080x1920 resolutions with 30 fps video recording

The key things that i love about this camera's design is that it is sleek black in colour, comfortable to hold and it is really user friendly. The 3.0 VGA Amoled display also shows great colours & precisions and pictures look fantastic with this screen.

Another great part of it is that you can interchange the lens whether its 18-200mm, 16mm, 60mm, and 85mm lenses

Now to head to the unboxing of it:

This camera is great as there is low noise when iso's are boosted up to higher levels from about 800-1600. One of the pictures can be demonstrated here:

taken at 1/40, F4.5, ISO 800, 10.1mp  at 27mm

when zoomed in at 100%, here are the results:


It is also great to take landscape properties as it is able to bring out a good contrast in colours & in detail such as this picture of Taylors Lakeside:

taken at 1/200, F5, ISO 200, 20.1mp at 24 mm

As for food photography, It is acceptable with me, but I still think that more detail could be pushed out of it

taken at 1/25, F3.5, ISO 800, 20.1mp at 27mm

Taken at 1/25, F4, ISO 1600, 20.1mp at 25mm

Another feature that is great about this camera is its Smart Filters & Magic Frames. This feature enables the user to be creative in whatever he does whether he would want to use filters or frames and basically enhancing the pictures to the users creativity 

Old Film Filter

Magic Frames

As for the Video function, it has a great display as it is caught in 1920x1080 30fps. It shows a great display of colours and its caught at very fast speeds which makes the videos great

Fireworks on New Years Day

As for the downside of this camera, I don't really like the flash as gets overexposed at near distances and it has a shadow of the lens at time to time. This is definitely not for a Camwhorer! and another thing is that the flash takes about 1-2 seconds to charge up before each photo. Other than that, The flash is good

flash is balanced at distances: 

If you're interested in other photos by the NX200, You can check out my previous posts where i used the NX200:

Well thats all for now! Thx for reading and have a great day!

*All pictures were taken using Samsung NX200