Asahi Super Dry Launch!

 photo SAM_1016.jpg

Carlsberg Malaysia finally adds Asahi Super Dry to its portfolio premium beers! The launching took place at Double Tree Hilton where as for now, the No.1 Japanese beer in the world is available on tap! 

The Asahi Super Dry is a beer which is clean, crisp, refreshing and shows no bitterness. It is processed using a secretly guarded Japanese Brewing Style called Karakuchi. 

This launch marks a milestone to Carlsberg Malaysia's journey to becoming the country's most vibrant portfolio company. A move that will strengthen the growth in the premium beer section and earnings in the medium and long term.

The evening saw 300 guests unlocking their imagination in Streets of Tokyo with performances from DJ Faith and an enigmatic Harajuku Dance troupe, Energy & Excitement of Sydney with Violinist Dennis Lau & Beatboxer Shawn Lee, Cosmopolitan New York's High life with Singer songwriter Nadhira and rapper Vandal.

 photo SAM_1014.jpg
Shang Leit and I

 photo SAM_1023.jpg
Isaac, Shang Leit & Myself

 photo SAM_1026.jpg
Emcee, Chermaine Poo

 photo SAM_1029.jpg
Mr Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia

 photo SAM_1072.jpg
DJ Faith on the Decks

 photo SAM_1032.jpg
Opening Performance by the Harajuku Dance troupe

 photo SAM_1039.jpg
Sarah on the Dance floor

 photo SAM_1042.jpg
The Curtain Drops & The Asahi Bar could be seen!

 photo SAM_1046.jpg
Managing Directors getting their first glass of Asahi Super Dry

 photo SAM_1049.jpg

 photo SAM_1055.jpg
Beatboxer Shawn Lee!

 photo SAM_1054.jpg
Malaysian Violinist, Dennis Lau

 photo SAM_1077.jpg
On The Sax

 photo SAM_1057.jpg
Asahi Super Dry to be served!

 photo SAM_1059.jpg
Christine, Mike, Shang Leit and I

 photo SAM_1086.jpg
Chermaine Poo and I

 photo SAM_1066.jpg
Jason, Christine, Yi Ching, Bryan & Audrey

 photo SAM_1062.jpg
Lush and I

 photo SAM_1060.jpg
Christine and I

Other shots

 photo SAM_1074.jpg
A picture of Shang and I

The launch was a success and it will surely foresee many great things to come! So if you're thirsty, Go grab yourself a glass of Asahi Super Dry to quench your thirst!

Photos were taken using the Samsung NX-200


Isaac Tan said…
Hey nice post bro! Hope you won't mind if I grab some photos from here :) hehe
Samuel C said…
haha no probs bro!