Introducing Samsung Galaxy Note!


As everyone has been speculating the latest phones, There is one that is exceptionally above all which is the new Samsung Galaxy Note!

It is hitting the shores of Malaysia not long from now but the main thing that will be buzzing everyone up is:


All hints so far would only be said of a telco which is Green and another telco which is Blue. Well you would already know who's bringing it in!

Whats more to be expected in the Galaxy Note? have a look for yourselves:

Question of the day, Is it a Tablet or Phone?

The Galaxy Note features:
- A large & Immersive screen with Smartphone portability
- Full screen utilization for fast and effective tasking
- Free capturing & Creation
- Powerful performance

to get into more details of its features, You can click HERE

Check out the unboxing of it:

The pricing for it is estimated at Rm2,200. And of course with a contract to one of the telco's, you'll probably be able to get it for about RM1,800 or less.

So all we can do now is, To wait for it to be launched an see who's the first to get their hands on the Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note!

well last but not least: see how handy it is :

For more details on the Galaxy note, Check it out at


FiSh said…
wow latest again a? so many already!
Samuel C said…
Yeah =) the review units are here already. it will be in stores soon! =)