Astro B.yond IPTV Hollywood & Celebrities Night!

Astro B.yond has yet brought HD to a whole new level with its latest package, Astro B.yond IPTV!

As for the launching of Astro B.yond IPTV, Astro organized a Hollywood & Celebrities night at the Astro Concept Store at Solaris. Plenty of people came in different costumes, from Lady Gaga, X men characters, Captain America and many more!

as for me, I dressed up as the Green Hornet with my date for the night, The lovely Ms Jolyn Goh as Minnie Mouse

 photo DSC_0372.jpg

 photo 6291450157_ec644f161f_z.jpg
*credits to dustyhawk*

The night started with the introduction of Astro B.yond IPTV and its services where vip, bloggers, media and guest were able to get an insight of what Astro B.yond IPTV was all about

 photo IPTV_1318319873166.jpg

If you're wondering whats inside the Astro B.yond IPTV bundle?

it is Astro's superb channels in HD + PVR Services + Broadband + Phone . Basically everything is connected into one and the best part is, It is using Fibre lines! which makes speeds up to 100mbps! So you can view 2HD videos concurrently and enjoy superfast bandwidth with your broadband!

the best part is, You can customize whatever you prefer and its all at such affordable prices! Check it out HERE

The night went on with Dinner, contests and of course the best dressed contest!

 photo 382759_10150348023411003_719221002_8835684_1404159087_n.jpg
The guest nom-ing on the food
*credits to Michelle Zyenn*

 photo 6291446559_e3612f3011_z.jpg
The complete the slogan contest where the winner will be awarded an iPad 2
*photo credits to dustyhawk*

 photo DSC_0379.jpg
The crowd

 photo 6291451131_aa47b9eaeb_z.jpg
Captain America, Cat Woman & Peggy Carter

 photo DSC_0375.jpg
Ken, Jolyn & Myself

 photo DSC_0381.jpg
Stephanie & I

 photo DSC_0382.jpg
Jian Quin and I

 photo DSC_0383.jpg
Si Mun, Jian Quin and I

 photo DSC_0389.jpg
Carmen & I

as for the best dressed contest, The winners were able to take back a 32 inch LCD Internet TV, Eventhough I was one of the 5 finalist, Well there were more who put more efforts on their costumes! So there it is, Congrats to:

 photo Best-Dressed-Male-Winner-Haiqal-as-Lady-Gaga.jpg
Best Male Costume: Lady Gaga


 photo Best-Dressed-Female-Winner-Avelynn-as-Penny-Carter.jpg
Best Female Costume: Peggy Carter!

oh but the night wasn't over for me yet! not expecting anything more from it,
Everything Changed! as they announced the Slogan Contest Winner and My name was announced!

 photo DSC_0386.jpg
I've got an iPad 2 3g 16gb for the best slogan award!

The feeling of shock, surprised and joy just rushed down my veins and I was truly happy with that!

all i can say is, Thank you Nuffnang & Astro for organizing such a great event and thank you so much for the iPad! =D
last but not least:

 photo DSC_0378.jpg

Thank you Jolyn for actually persuading me to go for this event =) loves!


LilMeJo said…
Congratz on your win!!
and you're welcome.. =)