Jolyn's 25th Birthday!


As Hari Raya passed by, so did Jolyn's Birthday! if you don't know who she is, She is a cute little girl stuck in a 25 year old body. LOL easiest way to describe it? So since she was in KL for the Raya, there was a small celebration for her at her aunt's house in collaboration with raya.

So well it was just the old time bloggers who arrived to her birthday to have some chilling out sessions and to enjoy the fellowship =)

Lets just get to some of the photos:

Jolyn and I

Photobucket A camwhore shot
Photobucket Old school yo!
Photobucket Another camwhore shot
Jolyn with her delish cake


well if you're wondering whats so special about the cake, Its 7 layers which practically explains "colors of lilmejo"

well as the night came to an end, we departed and well, All i can say is, Happy birthday babe! you're still young =) haha

as for now, This will be the last 2 shots
The birthday Girl and I
Photobucket Our last group shot
Till the next post =)


LilMeJo said…
Thanks for coming Samuel!!
Love all the pictures!!
See you again soon!!

P.S. Actually it is 6 layers only X]
Samuel C said…
hehe no probs babe =)
i'll see you soon <3