Apollo 18 with Hydraskins!

Ever bored of your old boring laptop? Well its time for you to pimp it up!

Introducing Hydraskins which is a company which specializes in customizing your own laptop, Ipad, smartphone skins and much more! It has awesome designs and it comes with the right prices. And furthermore, you can customize your own laptop skin with your own designs!

Here are some of the samples that you can get online:


So continuing with this, Hydraskins is a great laptop skin to go with as it is:

Waterproof! Scratch proof! Reusable! and has a clean removal!


Courtesy of Hydraskins, I've been given a limited Edition Apollo 18 laptop Skin! It looks exactly like the picture on top, except its a skin LOL

So if you're wondering how the transformation is like, Here are the pictures of Before and After applying it on my Laptop =)

Before: Photobucket Plain Dull dumb looking Acer

After: Photobucket Its shiny!!

It is really easy to apply on the laptop and its hassle free! best part is, You can just cut it through the grids at the back to get the perfect shape for your laptop!

You can also watch the video on how the skin is applied to my laptop:

So if you wanna pimp up your laptop, Get over to www.Hydraskins.com to get your own personalized design for your laptop!

Whats more:


It was found in Tact at the Subang Jaya Archeological Site, Year 15232


Woody Allen said…
wow...u actually bury it? wraped or unwrap? cool idea. I shud do this for my blog as well.

Exabytes . my
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Samuel C said…
haha i actually wraped it with cling film. didn't want sand to get into it =)