Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apollo 18 with Hydraskins!

Ever bored of your old boring laptop? Well its time for you to pimp it up!

Introducing Hydraskins which is a company which specializes in customizing your own laptop, Ipad, smartphone skins and much more! It has awesome designs and it comes with the right prices. And furthermore, you can customize your own laptop skin with your own designs!

Here are some of the samples that you can get online:


So continuing with this, Hydraskins is a great laptop skin to go with as it is:

Waterproof! Scratch proof! Reusable! and has a clean removal!


Courtesy of Hydraskins, I've been given a limited Edition Apollo 18 laptop Skin! It looks exactly like the picture on top, except its a skin LOL

So if you're wondering how the transformation is like, Here are the pictures of Before and After applying it on my Laptop =)

Before: Photobucket Plain Dull dumb looking Acer

After: Photobucket Its shiny!!

It is really easy to apply on the laptop and its hassle free! best part is, You can just cut it through the grids at the back to get the perfect shape for your laptop!

You can also watch the video on how the skin is applied to my laptop:

So if you wanna pimp up your laptop, Get over to to get your own personalized design for your laptop!

Whats more:


It was found in Tact at the Subang Jaya Archeological Site, Year 15232

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Worthy Book!


Ever wanting great discounts for the things you love? Well if you haven't heard about it, There is such a book with so many offers that you can choose from. It is called the Worthy Book! It compiles all the offers that one can imagine into a simple booklet that can be used around the Klang Valley!

This booklet contains discounts up to RM18,000 with more than 100 brands available!

You can check it out at

The vouchers that are given out in the worthy book are such as:

Krispy Kreme
Sushi Zanmai
Tony Roma's
Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Pacific Regency Hotel
The Sanctuary
Slimming Sanctuary
Manhattan Fish Market

and much much more!


You can get your Worthy Book at the Worthy Book Roadshows near you! Do not miss out this opportunity!

Now, How much would it cost you? It is simply RM35 for the book. What are you waiting for? it is not a hefty sum and furthermore, It is for a good cause!

For each Worthy Book Sold, RM2 will be donated to Charity!

More than that, There is a facebook competition running now for the Worthy Book where 50 people will be able to win themselves vouchers from the Worthy book. You can check it out at their official website HERE

Other than that, If you're too lazy to do so,
Just Hurry up and get your copy now!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Berjaya Langkawi

This is some snips that we randomly took at Berjaya Resort Beach in Langkawi

Thanks for watching =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Langkawi Trip Day 2

To continue my previous post on Langkawi, We're stepping into Day 2! Since day 1 was crazy enough, some woke up still in their drunktard state and we had a small brekkie at the resort. but well, that ain't stopping us from having fun on the 2nd day!

We drove up to the Temurun Waterfall at the north part of Langkawi for a swim. Sadly the waterfall had less water compared to the last time, maybe its just the dryer season right now. But anyways, shall head to some of the photos at the waterfall

The bottom of the Waterfall

Somehow it just is so majestic

Water flowing!
Photobucket Sydney, Sean, Sukesh, May & Jojo
Sydney & Jojo

Sydney and I Photobucket Sukesh with his Air Baby Photobucket A group picture of us
Jojo owling? LOL

After the waterfalls, We headed for some lunch and headed over to Berjaya Resort to just chillax at the beach. Of course if u compare it with Pantai Chenang or Pantai Tengah, It is way better as its much cleaner and the water is clearer

Sean & Sukesh being stupid

Random candid shot

Sukesh doing his flips
Photobucket Hermit crabs

Human flag
Photobucket Sydney, Sean and Myself

May & I

Sydney flies!
Photobucket Planking LOLWTF
Photobucket Our last group picture

Well the night went on with singing in the bar and drinking more drinks. But thats all for the Langkawi posts! Will update on more shizz soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Langkawi Trip


Finally, I can say I've went to Langkawi!

Plays music: *I'm in Langkawi Beach~*

Lol okay I'm so lame but yeah. For the first time I visited Langkawi for the Booze Booze Booze and more Booze. LOLWTF? It took quite a long time of planning with the gymnastic mates to have this trip. But well it happened! 6 of us, Sukesh, Sean, Sydney, Jojo, May and Myself took flight from LCCT to the land of drunktardness!

But well, There were some set backs, The first one was, I actually booked the wrong flight for Sean, which made him wait 3 hours in the Airport to finally meet us there. But well, screw that! at least we made it safe there.

So as this post is for the first day we stepped foot, We rented a Grand Livina for RM200 and headed to our hotel/Inn at Pantai Tengah which was the Green Village Resort. It wasn't too bad as there was a pool, and it was really peaceful over there.

Our room

After we checked in, Since we had to wait another 2 hours for Sean, We headed over to the Jetty to just take some random shots over there.

The Jetty

A group Picture of us


Another group picture

When Sean Finally arrived at the Airport, We picked him up and headed over to Kuah Town to buy..err Booze! =D and of course to see the Ramadhan Bazaars to grab awesome food over there.

If you're wondering how cheap alcohol is there, Lets just say:

12 bottles of Corona, 12 (500ml) cans of Carlsberg, 1 Bottle of Merlot & a 5 litre pack of Wine for RM140?
Its soo good that we can die!

The Bazaar

Checking out the food we bought

Sukesh & May getting crazy

As 7pm came, It was time to Break Fast! We headed over to the Jetty at Kuah Town to just sit, chill, relax and eat. And the best part was to see the sun setting on the mountains. *So beautiful can die* LOL

The Jetty

Sean, May & Sydney attacking the food

Jojo getting a shot of the Sunset

A beautiful sight of the sunset

A group photo of us, OMG it looks so photoshopped

As evening turned into night, We headed back to the Resort. and the drinking games started! Well, i didn't take much photos of the night, but well, this are just a few photos of how stupid we got =D

Another group photo of us

Sean & Sukesh being crazy

May & Jojo ...errr i dont know what to say about this LOL

So that is all for now, I'll be updating more on day 2 soon!
Stay tuned!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Midnight love


Looking at the moon in the sky
Running down my cheeks I cry
Wishing sometimes I should die
For the things I done to you, my crimes

Leaving you in an empty room
The love and pain you've endured too soon
As light will soon just find its way
My love may come for you some day

Copyright of Samuel Chew.

*inspiration while trying to sleep*

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011 at Mist Club


Another installment of Hennessy Artistry has hit Mist Club on the 29th July 2011. It was postponed due to the recent events of the Bersih Rally which coincided with the original date but well, the wait made us more eager to party at Hennessy Artistry!

The crowd started pouring in at 9pm where guests were able to enjoy the signature Hennessy drinks while trying out the mixing zones such as the Hennessy Music Mix Synth Zone, The Hennessy I-Mix Challenge zone, The Hennessy Artistry Interactive Photowall, and the Hennessy Mixing bar.

As for this time, I brought along Candice as my guest as we partied the night away. best part, it was free flow for us till the end where i got crazy enough =)

lets get to the pictures of the night:
Candice and I

The Hennessy I-Mix Challenge
Photobucket Guest trying out The Hennessy Music Mix Synth Zone Photobucket A photo of us at the Hennessy Interactive Photowall

as we headed into the club, It was just partying the whole night while hanging out with the awesome bloggers and Vips =D
Jason, Candice & Myself
Amanda and I
Photobucket Candice, Chen Jie & Myself Photobucket Amelia, Jeremy, Candice & Myself

Candice and I

All i can say it was party rockin' the whole night long! Can't wait for the next Hennessy Artistry to be installed!