Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Northern Ireland & Glencar Waterfall


During my trip, I was able to head over to the
Northern part of Ireland. It is under the British so over there, the currency used is Brittish pounds. The accent used there is a lil different to the people in the southern parts. So over there, We checked into the Glasshouse Hotel. It is a really unique hotel with its structure and the facilities were great =)

check it out:

The Glasshouse Hotel

Welcome Mr. Chew! =D Happy Much

and guess what?

There is Internet TV LOL

so as we stayed at that hotel, We were able to go to a few different sites near it which were historical yet beautiful. One of the places we visited was the Innisfree. Remember the poetry that we used to study back in high school? well, this is the Isle that they were talking about. Basically its just a small island in the middle of the lake =.=

Audrey with the signboard of it

Thats the small Isle of Innisfree

Another place which we visited was the Glencar Waterfall. It is a small waterfall but yet the views around it were amazing! Not much history on this, but still a nice place to look at. The weather was pretty chilly as it was drizzling a little and the winds were extra strong that day. So yeah..freezing to the bones!

Mom & Uncle Mike

One of the bridges

The stream

The pathway to the waterfall

Isn't it beautiful?

Myself with the waterfall

Thats all for now =)
Will be updating on Dublin soon =)


Nava Krishnan said...

beautiful place, nice waterfall, looks so serene.

mumsie said...

Glasshouse not Gasshouse hehehe

Thristhan said...

The waterfall is gorgeous, what a great trip you are having there :)