Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Upcoming Hennessy Artistry at Sixty9ine & Mist Club!


Hey peeps! Had enough fun at the previous H-Artistry at Voodoo & The Opera? Of course not!

if you have no idea what H-Artistry is all about, do check it out HERE

Well, Hennessy is bringing yet another 2 parties to town which will explode at Sixty9ine Mansion, Batu Ferringhi on July 6th and at Mist Club, Bangsar on July 9th! So party people get ready for another uplifting experience of where sights, taste and sounds collide!


So what can you expect from the upcoming H-Artistrys? The Hennessy Mixing zones will be returning to the stage where Guest can experience the joy of mixing in the Hennessy Mixing Bar where guest could learn to mix their Hennessy cocktails, Hennessy Music Mix Synth where guest could become DJ's themselves! Hennessy iMix Challenge where party goers can try to get their hands on the Hennessy's newly developed iPad Game, and the Hennessy Artistry Interactive photowall which incorporates green screen photography and photo enhancing through effects!

So now you're wondering, Who are the guest artiste for this Hennessy Artistry?

*drum roll please*

Presenting the artiste for the upcoming Hennessy Artistry!


Headlining the line up at the upcoming H-Artistry party is German electro/house duo, The Beautiful Beat Girls! This group comprises of Meliah, which is the awesome vocalist of the duo and DJ Dinakeen which mixes and brings the heat up on any dance floor! Get ready to be shaken and stirred through their extravagant performance!


Following them, Malaysia's own Reshmonu will be performing on stage at the upcoming H-Artistry! Award wining and being talented in composing, singing, arranging and engineering his own music, Reshmonu has now established himself as the premiere English Language market entertainer in Malaysia.


Joining Reshmonu, is Trimix which is the duo of Droolette Tasha and Samuel Dan. Trimix symbolizes 3 different compounds into 1, resulting in an ecstatic result! Trimix is based on a wide range of sounds which comprises of progressive, tech and trance and unleashes a phenomena through its beats.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your invites to the most happening party in town!

Passes to H-Artistry are strictly by invitation only. Stand a chance to win invites to the party through H-Artistry's official Facebook fan page at www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook by registering!

You can also receive updates through H-artistry Twitter at www.h-artistry.com.my/twitter

I'll see you there!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Northern Ireland & Glencar Waterfall


During my trip, I was able to head over to the
Northern part of Ireland. It is under the British so over there, the currency used is Brittish pounds. The accent used there is a lil different to the people in the southern parts. So over there, We checked into the Glasshouse Hotel. It is a really unique hotel with its structure and the facilities were great =)

check it out:

The Glasshouse Hotel

Welcome Mr. Chew! =D Happy Much

and guess what?

There is Internet TV LOL

so as we stayed at that hotel, We were able to go to a few different sites near it which were historical yet beautiful. One of the places we visited was the Innisfree. Remember the poetry that we used to study back in high school? well, this is the Isle that they were talking about. Basically its just a small island in the middle of the lake =.=

Audrey with the signboard of it

Thats the small Isle of Innisfree

Another place which we visited was the Glencar Waterfall. It is a small waterfall but yet the views around it were amazing! Not much history on this, but still a nice place to look at. The weather was pretty chilly as it was drizzling a little and the winds were extra strong that day. So yeah..freezing to the bones!

Mom & Uncle Mike

One of the bridges

The stream

The pathway to the waterfall

Isn't it beautiful?

Myself with the waterfall

Thats all for now =)
Will be updating on Dublin soon =)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ireland: Of Caves & Cliffs

Sorry for the late update, My internet connection was fried so basically i didn't have any way of updating. But anyway, its fixed already and i can finally write about other things =)

So more about Ireland, I was able to visit the caves and cliffs around the area. Simply magnificent works of God which can be seen through its beauty. Also i was able to visit some of the prehistoric sites which ancient men use to live at. So basically its a blend of beauty in this post which can be seen below:

The walls which the Irish people used to build in the past

The terrain of the stones which has been corroded by the rain

A Neolithic Portal

Audrey with another angle of it

So after all the man made beauty, I was able to visit the Alwee Caves. It is also called the bear caves as bears in the past used to hibernate there and there are remains of their bones, etc etc. The interior is quite wet and there are also underground rivers & waterfalls in it which were simply fascinating!

The alwee Caves

The front door of it

The caves

Straw Stalactites. Random fact: it grows an inch every 8 year

Bigger Stalactites. It is the combination of straw stalactites

Bear bones

The underground waterfall

As the day came to an end, We headed for the Cliffs of Moher. It was really breathtaking to see the sea water splash to the rocks. The winds were really strong and it was really able to push me off my feet. It was quite a hard walk up the cliffs. But it was totally worth it!

The gardens at the cliffs

One of the sides of the cliffs

The oher side of the cliffs

A small castle at the top of the cliffs

Well thats all for now =) I'll be updating soon! hope you enjoyed reading!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ireland: The Monastery


Do you remember the days where we would watch Robbin Hood and always see Friar Tuck and the rest of the brothers in big brown robes? Well I had a chance to get to see a Monastry nearby Killaloe and was able to see how it was like. This monastery can be said to be quite old and it is also a boarding school for high school students.

Prior to our entry, We headed into the gift shop to just get a few things. There were items such as Home made jam, chocolate, etc. and there were plenty of prayer books & rosarys for sale.

We were fortunate enough that Father Francis was actually waiting for some other guest to see the collection of Russian Paintings portraying Christianity in the early 1900's but the guest didn't turn up. Instead he gave us a tour of it and it was truly beautiful! Sadly, no pictures could be taken as it would spoil the paintings. It is also amazing as there was a secret passage to the room which holds all the art pieces. Certainly its not for public viewing

The School

father francis
Father Francis

After the tour, Father Francis invited us to stay for Vespers at the church. Vespers is basically prayers and it is held daily in the church. It was really soothing to just sit and listen to the prayers and hymns

church 2
The Church

I love how the pipe organ is so colorful

As vespers came to an end, We headed to the gardens of the monastery. It is simply a beautiful place as there were so many types of flowers, plants, vegetables, etc which were well taken care off. believe me, It would be a great place to do a photoshoot!

The Gardens, It contains 4 different levels

Some of the flowers

flowers 2
Pretty ain't it?

flowers 3
God's Amazing Creations

and last but not least:
A random Jump LOL *no idea whats this for*

So after the Monastry, We headed to a bar to grab some dinner. And as to end this post, I will show you some random things at the bar =)

Guinness for Strength! Totally!

Do you get it? LOL

I'll be updating as soon as I can! Stay Tuned!