My 21st Birthday!

21 is a very big number as everyone says its the "KEY" of your freedom. Well it doesn't apply to me as I've got my Key way back already LOL. Anyway, Everyone will be planning how grand it shall be and a lot of people will make it, lots of presents and so on.

As for me, Its a little different this year as I'm currently in Ireland. Away from the friends back home basically means, I don't need to plan how grand it is. Instead of that, Tell me, Who gets to Celebrate their 21st in another country? Me! =D

It was great as I'm able to celebrate it with my family this year and it was actually a surprise from my Mom, Uncle Mike & Audrey as I didn't expect anything from em. But well, suddenly there was a cake and a big ass present for me!

Check it out:

unc mike & mom
Uncle Mike, Myself & Mom

audrey and I
Audrey and I

Cutting of the cake

As for my present, Try and guess what it is. I've been dying to get one of this since God knows When.


violin 2
My new S Shaped Electric Violin! *loves*

Another picture of it! what should i name it? LOLL!

So well thats all for this short update. am very happy that i'm able to celebrate my birthday here and of course for those who wants to celebrate it when i'm back, It is deeply appreciated! LOL

i'll be back on June 4th LOL!