Ireland Day 4: Bunratty Castle

On Day 4 of my vacation to Ireland, I managed to visit one of the historical landmarks which is the Bunratty Castle & Folk Village. Bunratty Castle actually means The castle at the mouth of Ratty. It was built around 1275 and it is simply magnificent! If you want more info on the castle you can always visit HERE

Around the castle there is a folk village which shows on how the villagers lived and thats where the fun is at! There is also a small farm where there are animals and equipment to harvest crops so on.

So without further to do, I'll start up with the Folk Village around Bunratty Castle

The Watermill

The children's playground.
It looks so different compared to the ones in Malaysia

audrey and i
Audrey and I

gypsy caravan
Gypsy Caravan

The Church

church 2
Inside the church

A cottage

I like this!

flowers 2
Pretty Flowers

Spot the bee!

BAHHHHHHH *i can only imagine Mervyn doing this*

Everyone say HEE HAWW

My little pony? LOL WTF?

plowing equipment
Vintage Plowing Equipment

Modern Tractor?

tractor 2
This is seriously Genius!

Enough of the Village, Now lets move on to Bunratty Castle!

The castle itself! c'est magnifique

The main hall where the rulers sat

One of the paintings

dining hall
The dining hall.
There are certain days where you can pay to have your dinner here and you'll be treated like a king in the old fashion days

myself 2
At the top of one of the towers

The view from the tower

and whats a castle without:
Canons! yeah ignore the crazy chinese guy

After visiting the castle, We headed for lunch at a nearby restaurant and it had really awesome food that was served! especially the desserts!

Chicken Sandwich

Chocolate Biscuit cake

Loads of meringue and cream!

Well thats all for this post, Will update soon on my other visits! Stay tuned!

*confession: I put on 5 kg since i came =.=*


Vox said…
LOL at the goat and I agree that the first thing I thought of when I saw the goat is Merv doing the goat sound! xD and you've gained 5kg?!!!
I was SO RIGHT when I told Steven and Jackie that you looked buffer in your pictures!!! LOL