Ireland Day 1: Kilalloe

Well as some of you know, I'm not in Malaysia for a month as i'm travelling =)
so as for now i'm currently at Ireland to visit my mother and sister who stays here. I took an 18 hour flight to Ireland *yeah its that long and i nearly died of OD of movies and dramas* and i reached Cork Airport which was 2 hours away from my mom's place

It was a great joy to finally see my mother and sister after a year. You know the feeling of family members reuniting =) So as for the 1st stop, we headed to the house which is located at Killaloe. it is a small town and the sceneries are absolutely beautiful!

And of course, one more thing that I love about western countries, The portioning of the food is humongous! as for now i'll let you see the surroundings of Killaloe =)

food 1
You get what i mean by big portions?

food 2
Sickeningly sweet!

On the bridge

aint it nice?

The smaller river where all the boats are parked


One of the main streets

My sister, Audrey

A portrait shoot

The catholic church

A busted gas station

The playground which is entirely made out of wood
One of the pubs

Word for the day:
which means rubbish

All i can say its absolutely beautiful and i love it here! i'll update more of my visits around the area! =) stay tuned!


Josh E Wawa said…
Can we fish at those rivers? LOL.
Samuel C said…
hahaha duhhh...this is where we fish for pike and mackeral. salmon we have to take a boat lol
Samuel C said…
hahaa yeah man! here the fish are like pike, mackeral and salmon LOL...the lures we use are like about 5-6 inches in length HAHA