Hennessy Artistry 2011 at The Opera

As mention in my previous post, Hennessy Artistry has just started and it was held at The Opera. Plenty of people came to experience the new mixing booths that have been set up such as the I Mix Challenge, The Music Synth Booths and the Interactive Photowall

It started about 9pm where the crowd started pouring in and it was drizzling lightly but nothing was affected. We headed in to check out the place but sadly the main disappointment this time is somehow the airconds at the Media/VIP area were not working. so it was sizzling hot and very humid. HA also ended early about 1am so that was another let down. hope that it'll be better for the next HA =)

Other than that, lets go to the pictures:

victoria and I
Victoria and I

The Crowd


mix booth
Zues and Careen at the DJ booth

group pic 1
Alex, Marilyn, Jackie, Victoria and I

careen and I
Careen and I

dj lizz
DJ Lizz Spinning

crowd 2
Drinks baby!

Marilyn ~ Louis

Evelyn ~ Christine

Kelvin ~ Evelyn & Jeremy
Andrew & Friends ~ Kate & Sam Insanity

Xiang & Foo ~ Goon Ee & Jess
Jaime, Jeremy & Samantha ~ Victoria & Samantha

Victoria ~ Louis & Joshua
Esther, Joshua & Victoria ~ Victoria & Jason

Group pictures :)

As it came to an end, I would only say that the music was alright but sadly it just ended too early. Hope for better HA's to come for 2011!