Monday, May 23, 2011

My 21st Birthday!

21 is a very big number as everyone says its the "KEY" of your freedom. Well it doesn't apply to me as I've got my Key way back already LOL. Anyway, Everyone will be planning how grand it shall be and a lot of people will make it, lots of presents and so on.

As for me, Its a little different this year as I'm currently in Ireland. Away from the friends back home basically means, I don't need to plan how grand it is. Instead of that, Tell me, Who gets to Celebrate their 21st in another country? Me! =D

It was great as I'm able to celebrate it with my family this year and it was actually a surprise from my Mom, Uncle Mike & Audrey as I didn't expect anything from em. But well, suddenly there was a cake and a big ass present for me!

Check it out:

unc mike & mom
Uncle Mike, Myself & Mom

audrey and I
Audrey and I

Cutting of the cake

As for my present, Try and guess what it is. I've been dying to get one of this since God knows When.


violin 2
My new S Shaped Electric Violin! *loves*

Another picture of it! what should i name it? LOLL!

So well thats all for this short update. am very happy that i'm able to celebrate my birthday here and of course for those who wants to celebrate it when i'm back, It is deeply appreciated! LOL

i'll be back on June 4th LOL!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ireland Day 4: Bunratty Castle

On Day 4 of my vacation to Ireland, I managed to visit one of the historical landmarks which is the Bunratty Castle & Folk Village. Bunratty Castle actually means The castle at the mouth of Ratty. It was built around 1275 and it is simply magnificent! If you want more info on the castle you can always visit HERE

Around the castle there is a folk village which shows on how the villagers lived and thats where the fun is at! There is also a small farm where there are animals and equipment to harvest crops so on.

So without further to do, I'll start up with the Folk Village around Bunratty Castle

The Watermill

The children's playground.
It looks so different compared to the ones in Malaysia

audrey and i
Audrey and I

gypsy caravan
Gypsy Caravan

The Church

church 2
Inside the church

A cottage

I like this!

flowers 2
Pretty Flowers

Spot the bee!

BAHHHHHHH *i can only imagine Mervyn doing this*

Everyone say HEE HAWW

My little pony? LOL WTF?

plowing equipment
Vintage Plowing Equipment

Modern Tractor?

tractor 2
This is seriously Genius!

Enough of the Village, Now lets move on to Bunratty Castle!

The castle itself! c'est magnifique

The main hall where the rulers sat

One of the paintings

dining hall
The dining hall.
There are certain days where you can pay to have your dinner here and you'll be treated like a king in the old fashion days

myself 2
At the top of one of the towers

The view from the tower

and whats a castle without:
Canons! yeah ignore the crazy chinese guy

After visiting the castle, We headed for lunch at a nearby restaurant and it had really awesome food that was served! especially the desserts!

Chicken Sandwich

Chocolate Biscuit cake

Loads of meringue and cream!

Well thats all for this post, Will update soon on my other visits! Stay tuned!

*confession: I put on 5 kg since i came =.=*

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ireland Day 2: Limerick Milk Market


Hey peeps! continuing my previous post which is on Killaloe, Now i'm gonna show you Limerick! Limerick is a town near Killaloe and I wanna share about the Limerick Milk Market!

Okay you might be thinking: Every farmer will be coming over to sell their cow's milk. But fret not! its a market where we can find all sorts of things

It happens every weekend where vendors will come to display their harvest, their poultry, seafood, pastries, food products and misc! There were even some vendors selling their furniture and 2nd hand items. So basically its a great market with lotsa shops and interesting goods!

What is interesting to me is that I could see different types of blends of their products and its simply fascinating!

Here is a glimpse of what the milk market looked like:

The cafes and bars in the milk market

mum, audrey and i
Mumsie, Audrey and I

Different types of bread on display

Assorted Pastries! *fattish*

cheese shop
A cheese shop

Another interesting Cheese shop as this shop sells such as Wine Cheese, Nut Cheese, and all the blends you can think of!


Another interesting stall in the milk market was a stall where you design a terracotta figurine. This is done to commemorate an Irish Pitcher which was shot dead by mistake. So this organization is trying to get 10000 figurines for the 3rd anniversary of his death

The figurine I made

Audrey's and Mine

Another great part about European markets, You can always see street performers performing! So this are the snapshots of some of the performers

performer 1
An accordian player

performer 2
Dont know who he is imitating but yeah

well thats all for the limerick market but I would also like to share a few more photos that i took in limerick:

Supermacs which is better than Mcdonalds LOL


Go figure why i posted this =)

Thats all for now, Will update soon on my new visits! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ireland Day 1: Kilalloe

Well as some of you know, I'm not in Malaysia for a month as i'm travelling =)
so as for now i'm currently at Ireland to visit my mother and sister who stays here. I took an 18 hour flight to Ireland *yeah its that long and i nearly died of OD of movies and dramas* and i reached Cork Airport which was 2 hours away from my mom's place

It was a great joy to finally see my mother and sister after a year. You know the feeling of family members reuniting =) So as for the 1st stop, we headed to the house which is located at Killaloe. it is a small town and the sceneries are absolutely beautiful!

And of course, one more thing that I love about western countries, The portioning of the food is humongous! as for now i'll let you see the surroundings of Killaloe =)

food 1
You get what i mean by big portions?

food 2
Sickeningly sweet!

On the bridge

aint it nice?

The smaller river where all the boats are parked


One of the main streets

My sister, Audrey

A portrait shoot

The catholic church

A busted gas station

The playground which is entirely made out of wood
One of the pubs

Word for the day:
which means rubbish

All i can say its absolutely beautiful and i love it here! i'll update more of my visits around the area! =) stay tuned!