New obsession

OMG its finally an update! Sorry for the lack of updates the past 3 weeks because i was having my finals.

So finally, My 2nd year of degree has come to an end and i'm a free man for 4 months =D till i start my final year of degree =)

So finally i can start posting on all the back dated posts that i owe =( but as for today, I'll just write on my new obsession =)

which is Bicycle Card Decks


Bicycle Card Decks are unique and has been in the business since God knows when. So as for now i'll just show the decks i own so far =) each deck has its own characteristics that are awesome

I hope the collection gets bigger HAHA


and as for another reward, i bought myself an Itouch JOY! =D

I shall update on the backdated posts soon!