Happy Valentine's Day

It's so hard to Blog-jack you this year because you changed you changed your password and all. But here is to our 2nd year's Valentine's Day together :)



A photo collage of us through out the days we've been together! :) Be it good or bad times and I hope you remember what happened to each and every picture because I'm too lazy to edit them and write the events on each picture :P

Once again, I love you and this 1 year plus has been the best of my whole 21 years of life and you meant the world to me (besides my family la wtf) and what ever you did to try to make me feel happy/bahagia, I really love it and appreciate it. I'm sorry for all the fights/assumptions that caused it/petty reasons I evoke... deep down under, I LOVE YOU TO THE CORE :) *hearts*

and my computer did not blackout wtf and you did not reply my message(fml)