Disco Skating with Hahah

Now i bet there are 2 questions that you're gonna be asking.

1st: Disco Skating? is there even such a place/thing to do?
2nd: What is Hahah?

the wheels

Okay first up, There is a new attraction in Subang Avenue which is the The Wheels Disco Roller Skating! It is the largest indoor skating rink in Malaysia as it is 16000 square feet! The whole place is lighted up with LEDS, funky lightings and awesome music to create a disco feel to it

The prices of entry are listed as below:


Alright now to the 2nd part, What is Hahah?


Hahah is basically Hahah Deals from www.hahah.com.my. Hahah was launched in Jan 2011 and it specializes in bringing you the best prices for services! This is a portal where you can purchase services or packages at awesome discounte rates with freebies!

So whats the difference between Hahah and the other companies which does the same thing? Basically it has the Hahah Multiplier where more freebies are thrown in when a certain item on promotion hits its quota! This means there is more for us!

So as for this time, Hahah is bringing you an awesome rate for The Wheels Disco Roller Skating! All you have to do is log on to the website and purchase the package between 3rd-8th February!

And the awesome price where Hahah is giving you is: RM 12 for a whole day!

isn't that awesome? now just log on to it and try it out!

as for me, Hahah gave me a chance to experience it and well, I would say it is fun for those who dare to do this! Check it out:

disco skating rink
The Skating Rink

skates section
The skates counter


xiang vic me

It was an awesome time for me and yeah you should try it out especially now since Hahah is giving a 50% off the normal price!

you can log on to www.hahah.com.my or follow them at www.facebook.com.my/hahah.com.my

you can also check out the disco skating page HERE