Monday, February 28, 2011

Xiang's 21st Birthday

My brother Xiang has finally turned 21! and it was celebrated with a pool party! It was celebrated at his condominium and plenty of uni-mates, bloggers and friends came over to enjoy the tremendous celebration. Xiang catered quite a lot of food for all of us and the whole party started with the makan!

The only downside of the party is, only a few actually jumped into the pool =.= making it not like a pool party =( The rest were all hiding or just not willing to jump in LOL

So anyways to the pictures:

Xiang and I

Victoria and I

Corey, Victoria, Jia Yeen, louis and I

Tieng Wei, Jeremy, Victoria, Samantha & Shannon in the pool

Foo Enjoying himself

Samantha, Tieng Wei

Some group pictures

Xiang's Cake

Giving a toast!

the final group picture

Once again, Happy Birthday Xiang and you're finally legal!for everything? i guess? LOL

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free bottle of wine!

Have you ever heard of free wine? Well there is such a thing!


There is a superb company named Wine Actually and it is an online company which supplies wines! So basically you can purchase your wines online! how awesome is that?

The best part about it is that there are full reviews on the wines that are purchased!, it is also more affordable compared to outside prices, you get to buy wines you don't normally see and also you're able to buy mystery wine boxes!

So courtesy of WineActually, Wilson & Shaun (The founders of it) gave me a bottle of wine named "Le Challenge" from France which is a Vin De Pays wine.

The bottle of wine

The only thing they wanted in return is a photo/video of us enjoying the wine to make a collage of 100 memories! So basically they gave 100 bottles of wine away to the public for free! how awesome and generous is that?

So as for my bottle, I shared it with my classmates at Joshua's House when we were having a bbq. The wine fitted perfectly with the bbq as Joshua's marination of the meat was quite heavy and somehow the wine was able to compliment the taste of the chicken and lamb!

So just a few pictures of the night:

pouring of the wine

a toast!

a group picture of us!

It was a fantastic night, and I would like to thank Wilson & Shaun again for giving the bottle of wine to us!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wei Wen's 21st at Ole Ole Bali

My babe Wei Wen finally turned 21! Woohoo! finally legal for anything? i guess? LOL

Every year its always celebrated with a dinner at various locations and as for this time, we celebrated it with a dinner at Ole Ole Bali, Empire Gallery. The cuisine served are fusion type of food and well I can say that it is quite different.

Without further to do, lets head to the pictures:

Wei Wen and I

The Attendees

The Girls

vic and i
Victoria and I

The food

The Cake

Wei Wen blowing off the candles

A Group picture

Christina ~ Yen Wen
Wai Chun & Sean ~ Yin Shi

Evan, Sean & Wei Wen
Wai Chun & Yin Shi ~ John & Wei Wen

Judith, Wei Wen & Victoria ~ Judith
Jen Munn, Yen Wen, Wei Wen & Victoria ~ Nimesh, Wei Wen & Evan

and last but not least:

The Group Picture of everyone :)

The SS 17 bunch with some partners=)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's so hard to Blog-jack you this year because you changed you changed your password and all. But here is to our 2nd year's Valentine's Day together :)



A photo collage of us through out the days we've been together! :) Be it good or bad times and I hope you remember what happened to each and every picture because I'm too lazy to edit them and write the events on each picture :P

Once again, I love you and this 1 year plus has been the best of my whole 21 years of life and you meant the world to me (besides my family la wtf) and what ever you did to try to make me feel happy/bahagia, I really love it and appreciate it. I'm sorry for all the fights/assumptions that caused it/petty reasons I evoke... deep down under, I LOVE YOU TO THE CORE :) *hearts*

and my computer did not blackout wtf and you did not reply my message(fml)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I'm so happy =D Another picture i took was published in The Star Thumbnails!!

Check it out:

And the best part, Its a very old picture!


Imma happy bitch!

Genting Trip 30 Jan 2011


Well basically it was the start of our 1 week holiday and we totally needed to get a break from University stress. Evon, Joshua and I headed up to Genting at night for our usual bonding session as we knew it'll be cold up there. The only thing we didn't know It was raining like crazy and it was freezing up there!

We headed to Starbucks as usual and it was packed with people. not a table in sight, but soon after about 15 minutes, some started to leave and we finally had a place to sit.

We ordered our favourite drinks which was the caramel macchiato and the hot chocolate =D BEDAZED!

Our Table

Evon and I

Our messy table

Josh & Evon with ze awesome lights

and last but not least, The joke of the day:
Epic shit!

We headed back down to only notice there was a small landslide. Took me ages to get down the hill since it was still raining heavily. But well, I'm alive to tell the tale =) Can't wait to be up there again!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wine Dinner at Truffels Restaurant, Taylors University

Courtesy of Mr Patrick, Chung and I were invited to the Wine Dinner at Truffels Restaurant at Taylors University. This Wine dinner is associated with Malaysia's Sommelier Association where the whole purpose is to learn how to match food with wine, and most of all, enjoy the drinks!

The dinner started at 7pm where the guest started pouring in to the restaurant to grab a seat on the fancy tables. The Group that was serving us were none other than DH 33 Group 4

There were 4 wines served to us were:

Henkell Troken Sekth Sparkling Brut NV, Germany
which was paired with an omelette

Katnook Estate, Founder's Block Chardonnay 2006 Coonawara Australia

Craggy Range, Te Muna Road Pinot Noir 2008, Martinborough, New Zealand
which were paired with the white stew chicken

Bodega San Diosinic, Vinc de Licor Monastrell (its a sweet red wine)
which was paired with the dessert

Lets get straight to the pictures then:

The guest at the restaurant

pouring wine
Our awesome server pouring the wine

wine pouring 2
The pinot noir 2008 of Craggy Range

The main course

3 types of wine we had

The Dessert

sommelier association
The sommeliers answering questions during the Q&A session

basically i would say that an omelette is really hard to pair up with as this wine was over powering the omelette, As for the main course the pPinot Noir was able to bring out the flavors of the chicken while the Chardonnay wasn't able to. And last but not least, The Bodega San diosinic was an awesome pair with the Dessert which manage to compliment each other

Once again, I want to thank Mr Patrick for this wonderful opportunity and I will surely be back for more! =D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disco Skating with Hahah

Now i bet there are 2 questions that you're gonna be asking.

1st: Disco Skating? is there even such a place/thing to do?
2nd: What is Hahah?

the wheels

Okay first up, There is a new attraction in Subang Avenue which is the The Wheels Disco Roller Skating! It is the largest indoor skating rink in Malaysia as it is 16000 square feet! The whole place is lighted up with LEDS, funky lightings and awesome music to create a disco feel to it

The prices of entry are listed as below:


Alright now to the 2nd part, What is Hahah?


Hahah is basically Hahah Deals from Hahah was launched in Jan 2011 and it specializes in bringing you the best prices for services! This is a portal where you can purchase services or packages at awesome discounte rates with freebies!

So whats the difference between Hahah and the other companies which does the same thing? Basically it has the Hahah Multiplier where more freebies are thrown in when a certain item on promotion hits its quota! This means there is more for us!

So as for this time, Hahah is bringing you an awesome rate for The Wheels Disco Roller Skating! All you have to do is log on to the website and purchase the package between 3rd-8th February!

And the awesome price where Hahah is giving you is: RM 12 for a whole day!

isn't that awesome? now just log on to it and try it out!

as for me, Hahah gave me a chance to experience it and well, I would say it is fun for those who dare to do this! Check it out:

disco skating rink
The Skating Rink

skates section
The skates counter


xiang vic me

It was an awesome time for me and yeah you should try it out especially now since Hahah is giving a 50% off the normal price!

you can log on to or follow them at

you can also check out the disco skating page HERE