Christmas Night at Adrian's place


Christmas day was rather slow and calm, And since there is no family dinner, I headed over to Adrian's Open House at night. It was a small gathering of Adrian's Family Members and with the close friends of the family. Victoria and I headed over there to find out there was so much good food for us!

Round Tummy makes Sammy Happy! LOL WTF

It was also great to see the old faces I've not seen for quite some time. So well it was a great night of food and fellowship!

Heading on to the pictures:

The host, Adrian

The satay sauce

The Workers preparing the meal

satay & Lamb
Satay and Lamb

victoria and I
Ze Girlfriend Victoria =)

nadia's group
Nadia's Group

tiffany's group
Aiden & Tiffany's Group

Adeline & Elle
My two big sisters, Adeline & Elle! i miss you girls!

and last but not least:


So in the end, Christmas was a blast! and am totally loving it this year! How about your Christmas?