Christmas Eve Dinner

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, Been really hectic. My finals were just over on the 23rd (yeah So near Christmas eve, sad no?) and i was busy feasting away at every place possible for Christmas. Basically i have lots to post up but still i need the time to do all of em, so be patient =)

As for this post, its just a few photos on how i spent my Christmas Eve. Didn't take much photos on that day also as I was lacking my flash =( So anyways I've spent my Christmas eve with my relatives at my uncles place. The food was awesome as there was pork knuckle, roasted turkey, a lot of side dishes and desserts:)

So anyways just to the photos:

The table of relatives

dad and i
Dad and I

vic and i
Victoria and I

Elaine ze cousin

Fruit platter



So anyway i'll try to post the rest of my christmas and parties soon! Stay tuned!


Victoria said…
what a blog post ahahaha!