Another Fishing Trip

Yes another Fishing trip to blog about :) It was the day before Deepavali and there was a holiday for us Taylorians. So Myself, Chung, Joshua, Mervyn, Patrick, Norman and Victoria headed over to Semenyih to just chill the day out while enjoying fishing. So basically i'm just gonna post some pictures of the day:)

Fishing is fishing. nothing much to write about, No?


vic & myself
Victoria & Myself

Joshua Netting up the fish

Mervyn & his Rohu

The Cat eating the small talapias

group pic
And the group pic of us with our catch:)

It was a fun day! and hope to do it again soon! Guys you should really try out fishing to destress yourselves!


HEH i know this place. I JUST had lunch there on friday. fish valley! haha. didnt know u came all the way to the super ulu semenyih to fish. how did u even find out about its existence? =D
Samuel C said…
HAHAHAAA i memang always go semenyih mahh.. LOL that i dont know...a long time ago LOL