Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Night at Adrian's place


Christmas day was rather slow and calm, And since there is no family dinner, I headed over to Adrian's Open House at night. It was a small gathering of Adrian's Family Members and with the close friends of the family. Victoria and I headed over there to find out there was so much good food for us!

Round Tummy makes Sammy Happy! LOL WTF

It was also great to see the old faces I've not seen for quite some time. So well it was a great night of food and fellowship!

Heading on to the pictures:

The host, Adrian

The satay sauce

The Workers preparing the meal

satay & Lamb
Satay and Lamb

victoria and I
Ze Girlfriend Victoria =)

nadia's group
Nadia's Group

tiffany's group
Aiden & Tiffany's Group

Adeline & Elle
My two big sisters, Adeline & Elle! i miss you girls!

and last but not least:


So in the end, Christmas was a blast! and am totally loving it this year! How about your Christmas?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Dinner

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, Been really hectic. My finals were just over on the 23rd (yeah So near Christmas eve, sad no?) and i was busy feasting away at every place possible for Christmas. Basically i have lots to post up but still i need the time to do all of em, so be patient =)

As for this post, its just a few photos on how i spent my Christmas Eve. Didn't take much photos on that day also as I was lacking my flash =( So anyways I've spent my Christmas eve with my relatives at my uncles place. The food was awesome as there was pork knuckle, roasted turkey, a lot of side dishes and desserts:)

So anyways just to the photos:

The table of relatives

dad and i
Dad and I

vic and i
Victoria and I

Elaine ze cousin

Fruit platter



So anyway i'll try to post the rest of my christmas and parties soon! Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Puma Happy Hunting Party


I was invited by Jaclyn to the Puma Happy Hunting Party that was held at Ecoba on the 10th of December. It was a campaign run by puma to reward the "hunters" when they manage to find the celebrities of Puma.

I brought along Victoria and we met up with the other bloggers over there. The night went on with a free flow of everything and the performances and games!

victoria and I

entrance 2
Entrance of Ecoba

Our Table =)

simon, myself, jaclyn, xiang
Simon, Myself, Jaclyn & Xiang

victoria and I
Victoria and I

myself with tiffany and simon
Myself with Tiffany and Simon
puma man
Puma Man!

xiang and i
Xiang and I

samantha, myself, victoria
Samantha, Myself and Victoria

The Host, Rina Omar

As for the opening act, We had Dennis Lau to entertain us with his violin. Shawn Lee the Malaysian No.1 beatboxer joined in and there was a collaboration between them to uplift the performance!

dennis lau
Dennis Lau

shawn lee with dennis lau
Shawn Lee collaborating with Dennis Lau

After the opening act, Puma presented the line of clothing & apparels from Puma with a New Way of Catwalking! It isn't the normal catwalk as it was joined in by gymnastic based free runners and a themed catwalk!

models 1
The free runners flipping and jumping around while promoting the clothing line

models 2
The other models that were catwalking according to the theme

models 3
More clothing by Puma!

models 4
The models

last but not least:
puma hunting game
The Puma Hunting Game.

5 participants ran outside of Ecoba in search to find life sized printed image of the artist involved with Puma. Their goal is to be the 1st that brings back the printed image. The guy in green won the contest and he now has A year supply of Puma Clothes & Apparels! How Awesome is that?

So it was a fun party to begin and end with, and once again, Thank You Jaclyn for the Invites:) *winks*

Monday, December 13, 2010

PC Expo Loot!

Yeah the time has come again where I love to get things for a much cheaper price! As there isn't a PC Fair this year end, There was a PC Expo at KLCC Convention Centre. Basically its the same as PC Fair except that its only the prominent brands over there. But who cares? I'm still getting things at a cheaper price :)

So basically what I got for myself this time are:


Edifier C3 Speakers
Razer Copperhead
Razer Goliathus
SanDisk Pendrive

And I've got free gifts too! =D

An Edifier Bud 285
A Razer Lanyard
And a Garena Windbreaker =)

I'm a happy man :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Entrepreneurship of The Mustard Seed!

Remember I wrote once about The Mustard Seedand what We're offering? If you didn't, You can check it out here =)

Yeah so basically now the Entrepreneurship of The Mustard Seed is over:) It is one of our projects this term and with the team of Chung, Chia Chia, Yinying, Mervyn, Joshua, Foo Haw, Charlie and Myself, We managed to Earn profit of about RM600 :)

So this are just some photos on how it was.

kitchen crew
The Kitchen Crew of Joshua & Charlie

chia chia
The Refreshment Crew of Chia Chia & Ying Ying, Ying obviously doesn't want any pictures taken so yeah:)

Mervyn of the Sales Team

Lina and I
The dumb blonde Lina =D

salesn tham
Selling our products to the public

and last but not least:
the guys
A group photo of the guys counting our profit =)

So basically it was a successful entrepreneurship and we manage to earn more pocket money for ourselves:) Can't wait for another experience like this!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yay i love my life wth

I love my life because:


I've got my always wanted Heineken Buckets =D Woohoo

I hate my life because:


I've got Zoukout Tickets but I'm not going for it WTF

anyways the tickets are sold already

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome with BDH 33


If you're wondering whats "Welcome" stated there, It is actually a French movie screening at GSC Cinema. This screening was held for BDH 33 of Taylors University for one of our French Assignments.

The movie is about a 17 year old boy named Bilal from Iraq and his journey to London just to see the girl he loves. Being a illegal immigrant, He got stuck at Calais and the only thing between him and the girl is the 32km English Channel. He learns to swim from Simon (a swimming coach), and attempts to go across the Channel.

Basically it is a nice movie, but the plot was pretty slow moving. So hrm... I didn't enjoy it that much. But well, that is just for the assignment :) I'll rate it 6/10

So i'll just get to some pictures of us during the movie:

Evon & Joshua

The boys with Ms Natalie

Eunice & Mervyn - Evon
Geralyn - Eunice & Charlie

and last but not least:
The group picture

Well if you would want to watch it, I would say its alright and if you can't take slow movies, then yeah you'll sleep in it :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Fishing Trip

Yes another Fishing trip to blog about :) It was the day before Deepavali and there was a holiday for us Taylorians. So Myself, Chung, Joshua, Mervyn, Patrick, Norman and Victoria headed over to Semenyih to just chill the day out while enjoying fishing. So basically i'm just gonna post some pictures of the day:)

Fishing is fishing. nothing much to write about, No?


vic & myself
Victoria & Myself

Joshua Netting up the fish

Mervyn & his Rohu

The Cat eating the small talapias

group pic
And the group pic of us with our catch:)

It was a fun day! and hope to do it again soon! Guys you should really try out fishing to destress yourselves!